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Found 42 results

  1. "Beta Pass" question.

    So I recently was looking at the wording on both the Kickstarter and the shop currently implemented in Identity's website. It says on the Kickstarter that when you purchase the $25+ you receive a "Closed Beta Pass," however, on the Identity website, it says "You will be invited to the first public beta." Does this mean that if I were to purchase on the website instead of Kickstarter I won't be able to access the closed beta? Curious if this is just silly wording or for real? Thanks --
  2. When start BETA?

    Hi, when start Beta?
  3. Beta??

    So will the beta be a timed one or can we play it till a bit before release of game?
  4. Hey there developpers, I recently consulted many sources and they all aren't saying the same: is the BETA stage(the one you receive access for when you pledge more than 30$) going to be available the pledgers AFTER the Town Square module is released or at the END OF THE YEAR(2 weeks or so before the expected release date of IdentityRPG)? Thank you for clearing these for me and have a nice day! Cheers
  5. Hey everyone, I am new to this game and I was wondering how betas work. Is there a beta already going on ? Does everyone get access to the first module or only beta testers? How would I get a job in the game? Can I run my own business? How does it work? Thank you, If there is a location that has answers to these questions already Please link me to them. Thank you !
  6. Open Beta?

    When will the open beta of the game come out?
  7. When will the first Beta launch and is it worth buying Beta now?
  8. Question about beta

    Sorry if this has already been asked the search bar isn't working on my ipad and my PC is in another country, but how will the beta work, im quite confused. I know that the modules will come first but will the beta be like any other game beta and be the whole game and things or will there be parts missing from it that they already know are going to be added to the main game like fire department or things like that.
  9. Just wondering if there will be tasers in the game and if cops will need search warrants to search an RV for example or hideouts.
  10. Ok so when the modules come out will we only have a limited time to play them? For example: two weeks? Or will we be able to play them until like the beta? Also during the module will we be able to join up in servers with our friends?
  11. I was just wondering when or if the prices of the game and the beta access and stuff will see a price increase in the shop and if so when? I heard someone tell me that they were going to be going up soon.
  12. Hello! My questions is if the beta has started yet, so when I buy the beta access, can I start instantly or do I have to wait until the beta starts?
  13. Steam Beta?

    I read somewhere the full game will be on steam and I have seen the steam greenlight page, but I was wondering if the town square module/beta will be on steam. I'd like to pledge to the game with my bank account.
  14. Okay so. I've been wanting to purchase this game for a few months (i mean the passports) But i am seriously put off, We dont get much from the devs apart from them answering questions & posting a few pictures now and then, I haven't seen the town square modual move from 64% since early may... basically, As of now i feel like you guys are slacking with information for us guys, We wanna see more, and we want a new trailer! Because as of now it seems like the game is never going to get finished! So please devs, Show us more! We are all overly excited for this game but your not giving us enough! This all may come across as harsh, But were just not seeing anything, and we haven't since early this year, Make a trailer to sweeten us up guys! I actually recall a few months ago you was meant to make a new trailer but were is it? I honestly didn't want to come across as an ass, But this game is in the shadows, Show us more!!! Just a trailer will do! ;D I may have rambled and not made sense but you can see what im getting at
  15. I found this after not being satisfied with the screenshots and content that i was getting , after watching all the media in the identity rpg twitter account more than twice i found this video of the clothes store, and i thought why not check this YouTube account for more identity content . After that i found this video and i got really happy to see how the town square will look like , not dull like arma 3 with just repetitive buildings. This place has skyscrapers (which i guess where the apartments are going to be) and lots of variations between all the buildings. beautiful map I've got to say. (keep in mind this was a sketch up from early 2015 )
  16. Beta Characters in Full Game?

    Hey all. EDIT: Also the modules. I'm considering purchasing the passport that grants you beta access but I'm not sure yet as I have this question. In many games that have a beta testing period you can make a character but once the full game is released, that character is deleted. Will this be the case in Identity? So if I made a character in beta would it be deleted when the full game is released? Thanks~
  17. Keep beta items?

    I know that the beta will come out long before the full release of the game, and have been wondering, will we be able to keep items and money we earn from the beta, and carry that over to the full game. This would be nice as many people right off the bat will be grinding hard for money, and it would be very sad if it would all be erased when the full game came out. What do you guys think?