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  1. What's Next

    Well, "a few" doesn't sound good.
  2. What's Next

    How many devs are actually working on the game now? After some people at Asylum left there's a rumor that there are only 3 devs working on the game left.
  3. No idea, probably after the 3rd module.

    For the people that missed it
  5. You won't be able to play with the citizen pack, you need at least the founder pack. If you donate 15 more dollars you will get that pack and will be able to play.
  6. Before we all get mad at the dev's

    What's wrong with the graphics? Look good to me
  7. This is the new video...?

    This was actually the second trailer
  8. Video

    Probably not today tbh
  9. Future Live Stream Ideas?

    Dance Contest
  10. Micro-transactions in RPG will tottally kill it.

    It's not just about giving an advantage it is also about paying money for a shortcut on the game. The whole point of this game is buying better items, cosmetic and non-cosmetic. So for example you can show off your expensive apartment to show that you really put a lot of time in the game. Not that you just pulled your real life wallet. This can really put off a lot off people, and the devs have to be careful about this. SWBF also never really recovered from the scandal.
  11. Micro-transactions in RPG will tottally kill it.

    Microtransactions suck. Not just because it gives you an advantage. The whole point of this game is for me to make money and build up to a better "lifestyle", this includes apartments, cars and clothing. If I do all this grinding to work my way up these things it just sucks if you're able to buy it all with real money instantly. Then there won't be any point putting time and effort in this game. This could really break the game and make it fail. @Motown @Paratus @HairyGrenade
  12. Town square module video

    The Devs said this month so we'll have to wait and see
  13. Here ya go

    If you had searched the forum, you wouid see that a countdown was already made: