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  1. What is this shit

    I missed the video. Would anyone happen to have a link? I sure would appreciate it, thanks in advance.
  2. Heyo, From Australia!

    Welcome to the community. Feel free to use the "search" bar for any questions you may have as there have been many topics covered, sometimes multiple times. Concept art, clothes, shops, jobs, even the apartment layouts have been posted.
  3. New website ?

    If memory serves me, they said on their last delay of the Town Square that the new website was due in a week or so. I asked about a week and a half later wtf. Where is the new website? My answer was your last comment. Waiting on others to finalize their end of the deal. And here we are a week into June. All in good time I suppose.
  4. Check out this video. It goes over Character Customization. Shows you a little about it.
  5. Town square info

    Well if that isn't a definite answer to answer how long for the game, then i don't know what is.
  6. Town Square Video Preview

    Nice going Parker. At least you have yourself some wheels and some in game cash. Also nice about the caves and hideouts. So stoked for the game.
  7. Hello from UK ;)

    Greetings from the States and no kidding. Let's have some largers while we wait.
  8. Refund

    Go to Account Support.
  9. Hello from the UK!

    Hello and welcome to the community.
  10. Good Day

    Yeah i'm sure there won't be much to it if anything at all.
  11. Good Day

    Sup Memphis. From what I understand you have to convert the RV into a lab rendering it useless after. (You cannot drive it) Anyway, I plan on hunting myself but for a little more than rabbits I hope.
  12. What will you RP in identity?

    The outdoor life is for me. Hunting, fishing, logger etc. Maybe even do mining as a fall back option when times are rough. Live my life as simple as possible. Make an honest days wages and buy the things I need. Just me and my studio apartment, and my old dirt bike. And this lamp....and that's all i need.
  13. Quick Thank You

    "Furthermore, the new Identity website is on schedule for a release just next week! The new website will come with all sorts of cool new features and we'll be building on it constantly as we move forward, too." Wasn't the new one due out last week? As a matter of fact is was.
  14. Who or what will you become?

    Or hunters, miners, loggers.....
  15. Who or what will you become?

    You should have an "Other" option for the service.