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  1. Cool thanks for taking the time to write all that up.
  2. Dev Tracker

    How about making another "Dev Tracker" so we can see what is going on with the next module?
  3. Hi, I am in apartment 410 and I have a brickwall running through my apartment from the front door, around the kitchen. Are we able to purchase furniture? If there is I have yet to find out how to even access them. Could you all add a stairwell so when the elevator is out we can access our places by stairs? Why aren't the sinks, toilets, showers, refrigerators, cabinets, windows, etc etc accessible? Have you all fixed the part where you sit in the movie theatre and get stuck trying to leave? Thanks for reading.
  4. I also thought that the character customization was for shit. Lame hair, lame facial hair and some weird freckles or something. Hardly any clothes and the ones that they do have suck. No way to adjust your weight or height. No scars and or tattoos. (I do know that there is a tattoo shop but that isn't the point) No way to be buff or a bean pole should you choose. I hope for their sake that these options will be worked in at a later date. (4 years wasn't enough.) No telling what the rest of the game will be like, and this is only thier first module. I paid for this game so like it or lump it let's all hold on and see where we go. Good luck to us.
  5. I can't play your game

    I just woke up (yeah I know it's 3:05 a.m) and created a character and had the same issue. Glad I looked here rather than create another hate thread about the game. Just have to wait longer is all.....*taps foot*
  6. Happy holiday IDENTITY!!!!!

    From Steam. Available: November 30 This game will unlock in approximately 4 hours
  7. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    O U C H !
  8. Town square release

    I have been following the content here on the forums and waiting like everyone else for the release of the Town Square. All I can say is I am not holding my breath.
  9. What is this shit

    I missed the video. Would anyone happen to have a link? I sure would appreciate it, thanks in advance.
  10. Heyo, From Australia!

    Welcome to the community. Feel free to use the "search" bar for any questions you may have as there have been many topics covered, sometimes multiple times. Concept art, clothes, shops, jobs, even the apartment layouts have been posted.
  11. New website ?

    If memory serves me, they said on their last delay of the Town Square that the new website was due in a week or so. I asked about a week and a half later wtf. Where is the new website? My answer was your last comment. Waiting on others to finalize their end of the deal. And here we are a week into June. All in good time I suppose.
  12. Check out this video. It goes over Character Customization. Shows you a little about it.
  13. Town square info

    Well if that isn't a definite answer to answer how long for the game, then i don't know what is.