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Name: Alexander Preston
Age: 19
From (City, Country): Irving, Texas
Appearance (Body, Face): 5'8", Skinny
Attire: Jeans with T-Shirt
Job: Truck Driver
Detail of House: Small Apartment
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: 78' Volkswagen Beetle
Personality: Humble but easily annoyed
Background: Born at home in the small town of Irving, Texas. Moved to Identity Island for a new life.

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... Scan complete. 

Preparing Download:





Name: Rick
Age:Legal Adult
From (City, Country): ?, Ukraine
//Appearance (Body, Face): ????? To Be Disclosed on a Need to know Basis
Attire: Casual
Job: Confidential
Detail of House: Maybe u be lucky enough to be allowed in ;] I SMELL U!! Of course its gonna be modern industrial with an floor plan...  maybe. a split level //Error?? ?? //... No file found??//
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Confidential
Personality: Laid back quiet unpredictable :} Corrupted ??/ Funny guy
Background:????? To Be Disclosed on a Need to know Basis. ??/


No last known location...

:{{} uhoh 

//Corrupted File

//No File Found. TAB//

//Hack Failed.

You'll never get me


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