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On 03/05/2016 at 2:11 AM, lZUESl said:

Oh i dont know if this is post is be realy what i do in real life and my background of what happened to me.

The post is to do with your in-game character, so if you want it to be the same or similar as yourself in real life then its ok but if not just make it up.

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I'm still trying to figure out who tf I'm going to be in Identity. But I've got a few ideas.

Name: Zenith Quince
Age: 21
Appearance: Super androgynous, Soft Butch Fatale type. Very short black hair (maybe an undercut if they've got it), green eyes. Tall, thin, slightly muscular, flat as a board. "Are you a man or a woman?" "I'm a mess."
Attire:  Nose ring and ear piercings, plenty of flannels, button downs, tank tops, a lot of bracelets. 
Job: Working odd jobs trying to support her (probably unsuccessful) singer/songwriter career. So basically unemployed. Maybe takes up selling drugs on the side if things get desperate. Maybe she'll fall down the wrong path. Who knows *shrug*
Residence: Shitty studio apartment with the bare minimum of furniture. (which is why she always asks to go to their place instead of hers, lol.) Mattress on the floor sort of deal. Frequents internet cafes and libraries for this reason.
Vehicle: Rides an old dirt bike that she loves mainly because she can call herself a dyke on a bike.
Personality: Pretends to be cool and suave, but actually doesn't know how to talk to women. Super sarcastic. A little stupid. Lowkey theatre kid. Acts more like a gay dude than is probably socially acceptable. Badly hits on girls at bars. Trips even though she's sitting down. Is very sad and poor. Protect her.
Background: Parents ditched her after coming out in high school. Used ensuing angst to take up a songwriting habit while crashing at a friend's house until graduation. Lived in a car for a short period of time doing odd jobs until she could afford an apartment. Still determined to make a living out of music even if it hasn't been working very well thus far. Hopes to meet someone who plays the guitar a little better than she does and maybe start a band someday.

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Name:Mike L Smith


From: Los Angeles, CA 

Apparance:6' 0", African-American

Attire: Sleeveless Shirt, Black pants (little bit sagging)

Job: Unknown 

Detail of house: 2 beds and 2 bath, fences

 Detail of car: r34

Personality: silent (unable to talk)

Background: Was born and raised in Los Angeles and is unable to talk. His dad was drug dealer and taught him how to grow weeds to make money. When he was 15, LAPD showed up when he was with his father and other guy was armed and shot one of officers and his father and him were running away as guy tried to shoot other officers but guy was dead. His father tried to get in his r34 but his father was shot and killed. He took his father keys and drives away while LAPD tried shoot at him. His father taught how to drive when he was 14.  He got away from LAPD and went his old house. When he was 17, his birthday was on next day, he was on news and LAPD wanted list. His mother called her friend to take him and his r34 and her friend came to their house. His Mother was crying in living room . He wishing his mother to come but his mother refused to come. Her friend took him and r34 and took him to ship. He was on the ship in 4 days, not getting that much of sleep. Once he is on land and he got into his r34. He staying at hotel and he texted his mother how she doing and his mother texted back saying "i love you son, I'll try to get flight tickets tomorrow". His mother never did came in 6 day later. 

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On 1/10/2016 at 8:58 AM, KittyDeKarebu said:

Name: Caleb Kitte
Age: 28
From (City, Country): huntsville, usa.
Appearance (Body, Face): tan, black hair, tall
Attire: Plaid shirt, Denim jeans
Job: Ambulance Driver
Detail of House: Something like this.

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: F-150

Personality: Forgiving, Calm, Well mannered.
Background: Paramedic from Alabama, moved to Identity Island at age 24.

Lol lives in a modern mansion, but drives a F-150

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12 hours ago, Cstove said:

Lol lives in a modern mansion, but drives a F-150

my house won't be that nice in identity, I should change the picture

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Name: Jay Hyde

Age: 19

From (City, Country): Jamaica

Appearance (Body, Face): Black, medium-tall (height), and nappy hair

Attire: Jordans, joggers, and red T-Shirt

Job: Detailer at Prestige Motorsport

Detail of House: Normal mid-class house

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: None yet but will be getting a JDM car

Personality: Humorous and "showoff" type

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Name: Logan Griffin

Age: 26

Appearance: 198cm (6'6"), Dark haired Viking style beard, Long dark loose hair tucked behind the head, Bodybuilder, Extremely lean.

Attire: Mostly stringers, or tight t-shirts, Jeans or tight workout pants, Modern sneakers, Silver watch, Maybe a big tattoo on the left arm.

Job: Fitness industry, or criminal activities, or entrepeneur.

Detail of house: Small 1 story house, Outside the city, very quiet place. Big garage with spaces for cars, and also a personal gym.

Detail of Car / Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo, seeking to buy an Audi R8 when financial situations get better.

Personality: Despite of his looks and size, he's very genuine and honest. Eats well, and works out a lot. Polite, and has good manners. Showing love and empathy to the people he loves. Treat him with respect, and you shall be treated with respect too. 

 - If you piss him off enough, it's another story, though.  

Background: Unknown.


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Name: Saul Johnson
Age: 26
From (City, Country): Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
Appearance (Body, Face): Tall,Husky,Brown Hair,
Attire: Black Suit,White Button Up,Purple Tie, Black Dress Shoes.
Job: Owner of the Golden Lilac Strip Club at night, State prosecutor in the day.Investor 24/7
Detail of House: Rustic A-Frame cabin, 2 floors, 1 loft/bedroom,Modern amenities,Rustic feel/look
Detail of Car/ Vehicle:(look at the picture)
Personality: Romantic,Smart Alec,Short Tempered,Introvert
Background: Saul was born in a small mountain town where he learned to ski and made lots of friends, however when he turned 14 his parents sent him to go live with his uncle who lived in las vegas. While living with his uncle he finished high school then he attended UNLV and studied law, After graduating he want to leave Las Vegas and move to Utah to start a law firm. However 2 weeks before his departure his uncle passed away, His uncle left his strip club in his name. Saul decided he was going stay and watch over his uncle’s club. However 1 year later the club caught fire and burned down. Saul was devastated until he found out about an opportunity to own another club in another city. Saul packed his bags and flew out to “identity island” to become a lawyer and own another strip club.


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Name: Charles Winston
Age: 39
From (City, Country): London, United Kingdom
Appearance (Body, Face): Sturdy, clean face, Dark brown slick back hair, curled handlebar moustache
Attire: Tan tweed three piece suit, red velvet smoking jacket
Job: Millionaire, Owner of Winstons Tailors, Chairman of The Gentleman's Club
Detail of House: (TGC Club House) Multi bedroom mansion, gated entrance to a gravel driveway, pool out back of property
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: (look at the picture) 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8
Personality: Wise, romantic, ambitious, calm
Background: After moving to a small island for a new start to his career as a tailor, his father died passing down the famous Gentleman's Club down to him. From there he started up his own branch of the club on the island, inviting wealthy bodies to gather and socialise.



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On 11/01/2016 at 10:33 PM, Xentinel said:


Sorry don't know how to delete that thing above ....

Name: Arthur Birch

Age: 73

From( city, country )Leeds, England

Appearence (body, face) short, getting a bit chuby, giant long white beard, bald, wrinkily face, sleeves covered with war tattoos and other tattoos giant cross tattoo on his back and an R.I.P Elizibeth tattoo on his chest (hopefully)

Attire: camo t shirt, old jeans, grey boots

Job: Farmer

Detail of house: hopefully like the one from identity concept art in the Farm.

Detail of car: Old mustang and a pick up truck

Personality: Veteran, cheerful, wise, enjoys peace and qiuet on his farm but company doesn't annoy him how ever he is very protective of his land, has many stories to tell, and loves a good drink. Cough* whiskey.



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Name:  Shylo Dexter

Age: 21

From: South West England (Ancestors from the Republic Of Ireland

Appearance: Quite short but with a fairly athletic build, dark hair (tied up mostly) with pale green/almost grey eyes. A few scars on elbows and knees as well as one on her hand from her sports days. Quite soft and young in appearance compared to her actual age.

Attire: Light blue hoodie with dark jeans and black boots (colder weather). Tank top or checkered shirt with jogging trousers and purple trainers (warmer weather)

Job: 4th Year Student currently studying Film and Media with Journalism. Moved over from the UK on a scholarship and has been given permission by her new university/college to 'home study' while she gains experience and works. Currently looking for a job in the field of entertainment or written works. 

Detail of House: A small apartment provided by the scholarship scheme. Enough for one to live in comfortably though she must pay for rent and upkeep herself.

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Has yet to learn to drive (looking for lessons) but used to ride a bicycle everywhere back home.

Personality: Quite calm and considerate of others, easily distracted at times with a sunny disposition. Very trusting and loyal which comes as a disadvantage at times. Can be quite quiet and timid towards strangers but warms up quickly. Very smart but never uses her intellect to its full potential. Quick to find friends in others, even if said 'friend' doesn't feel the same way.

Background: Having grown up in the country and away from any major towns or cities, she lived a very isolated and quiet life. Having grown bored and wanting to lead a different life to her parents and family before her she went up country to study Film and Media. A choice the rest of her family were dead against. While in her first year of study she took up track as a hobby, ultimately competing for her university around the country in the 100m, 200m and relay races. During this time she earned a little extra cash by watching new releases at the cinemas and writing film reviews for the university newspaper. Having found she had a talent in writing and finding it quite enjoyable, she took up Journalism as a secondary course for her second year. She still keeps up with her more sporting past, going for runs in her spare time as writing and study are her main focuses now. Besides that not much else is known about her life from that point onwards. Only time will tell what lays in store for her.

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Name: Jonathan Wulff

Age: 28

From: Detroit, USA

Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, light beard, tall, and a little muscular.

Attire: Leather jacket, jeans, and a white T-shirt.

Job: Mechanic

House: A medium-sized house with a one-car garage on the edge of Identity City.

Car: Black 1967 Chevy Camaro

Personality: Jon is very intelligent and usually a pretty nice guy, but if you mess with him or any of his friends, he will get you. He likes muscle cars, dogs, rock n' roll music, and books. His hobbies are reading, paintballing, hunting, playing the electric guitar, driving, hanging out with his friends, and playing with his two german Shepherds.

Background: Jonathan Wulff is from the hard streets of Detroit. He grew up racing and building cars, so he moved to Identity City to become a mechanic. There he wants to try to make a good business for himself, hold a car show, make some new friends, and race in a league. Also, when he was 23, Jon enlisted into the U.S. Army and protected his country for four years before coming home.

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Name: Alan Davidson

Age: 23

From: Nova Scotia, Canada

Appearance: 5'10'', Dark brown hair/eyes, skinny build, Several tattoos of occult symbols

Attire: Leather Jacket, Black Zip up Hoodie, jeans, black work boots

Job: Hunter/Woodcutter, other odd jobs.

House: Basic apartment to start, having just moved there. Eventually would like to own a house out in the woods/country

Car: Basic Sedan until I can afford a proper pickup truck

Background: Raised on a farm in a small rural Canadian community, Alan lived a quiet life until moving to (Insert name of playable area here).

Personality: Friendly and always polite, Alan enjoys spending time in the wilderness and out in the country, but also likes meeting new people in the city. He is usually a fairly upstanding citizen, with his only crimes being the weed he grows to help with is social anxiety. Alan Also has an interest in the Occult from a philosophical standpoint, which forms his own strange ideology that will develop over time based on his interactions. (And definitely won't end up starting a cult that totally won't go crazy or anything)

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Name: Theo Hunt // Nickname: ZEUS

Age: 19

From (City, Country): London, United Kingdom

Appearance (Body, Face): 6FT2, 165pounds, Athletic 

Attire: Black Tshirt, Black Jeans, Black Snapback - Day Clothes // Black Suit, Black Gloves, Red Tie, White Tshirt, Black Shoes, Gun Holsters - Night Clothes for night business.

Job: Mechanic by day and I do some things on the side which aren't exactly "legal" as they say.

Detail of House: 1 Bedroom, Apartment in city

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Nissan GTR R35, Modded and Tuned. Don't forget that last part.

Personality: Adrenline Junkie, Impulsive, Self Willed, Addicitive [Gambling] 

Background: Brought up by my Uncle in Manchester, England he really loved his cars, we'd go to a car show atleast a few times a I miss him. We lived in a bad neighbourhood and one day there was a gun fight, a stray bullet came tearing through our wall and it hit him in his shoulder,after that he sent me to London to live with my auntie. At the age of 18 I decided to move out and I was constantly on the move jumping from job to job, I may have ran up a few gambling debts just trying to get lucky, you know how it is and now, now i'm working as a mechanic while I do some crime on the side just to keep my head above the water yano. I've tried to out run my gambling debts from London but that stuff never goes away yano; crime isnt an option for me, its a's a means to survive.

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Name: Will Wan

Age: 28

From (City, Country): Auckland, New Zealand

Appearance (Body, Face): 175cm , average  body type

Attire: White T-Shirt

Job: Entreupeneur 

Detail of House: Small one bedroom apartment

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Bike

Personality: Friendly, Easy-Going

Background: Had a fairly normal life, But had an interest in business as a teenager, After studying business at university he went on to make Rezix the Technology Company

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Name: Phiedrus Oliva

Age: in his forties

From (City, Country): European, but he doesn't feel attached to the place where he was born. That's like not really being from anywhere.

Appearance (Body, Face): The proverbial average man. The one you would look at with the same interest you'd look to a wall. 

Attire: Jeans, T-Shirt.

Job: Jack of all trades, Phiedrus does a bit of this and a bit of that, but he isn't known to by a successful career.

Detail of House: Studio apartment.

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Usually an old car. When it's broken, maybe an old bike. But he needs none of those.

Personality: Introvert, Phiedrus is an observer. He doesn't talk much. He listens, learns and keeps notes. You never know if he's day dreaming or if there's actually something big in his mind. 

Background: Phiedrus had what you would call a boring life. He never hurries, yet he accomplishes. A single living in an studio apartment, he is not in the race of wealth. He learned to need less. He is not his house or his vehicle or his money. The money is only important as long as he can buy time with it. And what he does with his time, usually at the library or in his studio, some say he's after something, but no one really knows...

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Name: Born Francesco Luprano, also known as Franco or Frank.
Age: 48
From (City, Country): Toronto, Canada 
Appearance (Body, Face): Average height, southern Italian mobster look, fit, tanned/swarthy complexion, black hair with some grey.
Attire: Tailored Suits of different varieties, sometimes with an overcoat, sometimes leather jacket and slacks, and sometimes just an undershirt with slacks and a golden chain.
Job: "Vending machine" business.......
Detail of House: Unknown
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Frank is known to like Cadillac's, both new and old,  sports cars, luxury sedans, and has a like for lincoln towncars with tinted windows.
Personality: Violent, possible sociopath, but is known for his fairness, devoutness, and care for those close to him. 
  A known loanshark, murderer, and gangster in Toronto, he fled Canada after a large mob war, in which over a dozen people were killed. His leadership capabilities took his new founded "family" in Identity to great heights.

Edited by Frank

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Name: Kiddo Rampage (Not her real name)

Age: 20, Pisces sun and Scorpio moon

From: /

Appearance:  You can see the artwork I did for her under all  this but she has messy, open,  high ponytail. Showing her mental state. I also think it's stylis. A faux fur coat that she gracefully carries around. Leather long boots which has support from the hanger that's attached to her belt, and top of it just a T-shirt. I wanted to keep it 'classy', but also ready for action. I like the match between red/bordeaux and beige (not really a meaning behind it). 

Job and other

- Freelance artist

- She's one of the top fashion designers in town. Runs a boutique.

- Underground strip club where meetings of deadliest people happen and dark things takes place.

- Head of the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad


Detail of house:


Personality: Quiet, too friendly, self learner, enjoys solitude, but has a dark insane mind behind it all.

Background: I don't know. But what I can tell you is that... In my real life I gave up multiple times. She did the opposite.


"With music strong I come.

With my cornets and my drums.

I play not marches for accepted victors only.

I play great marches for conquered and slain persons.

Have you heard that it was good the gain today?

I also say it is good to fall.

Battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won.

I beat and pound for the dead.

I blow through my embouchures my loudest and gayest for them."


Videos to feel her existence and to know where she's coming from:

A Few Words From The Bride

The Devil Does Drugs

I Sing The Body Electric by Walt Whitman

Glory by Reapers

Death List 5

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<b>Name: Justin Ceaser</b>
<b>Age: 21</b>
<b>From (City, Country): Ontario, Canada</b>
<b>Appearance (Body, Face): Slim build, 5'11, 140lbs, blonde hair, green/blue eyes. </b>
<b>Attire: Black sweatpants, maroon longsleeve, and black sneakers.</b>
<b>Job: Businessman.</b>
<b>Detail of House: Small cheap appartment complex.</b>
<b>Detail of Car/Vehicle: Do not own one. </b>
<b>Personality: Charasmatic, charming, can create awkward situations however. Natural Leader.</b>
<b>Background: Came from a bordering city to the united states, tired of the city life and moved to identity island due to personal problems. </b>


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Name: Miles Rendon
Age: 29
From (City, Country): Chicago Illinois
Appearance (Body, Face): 6 foot 1, slim, medium hair
Attire: White Dress shirt, dark pants and dress boots
Job: Director of Modsmouth Group in Identity Island
Detail of House: Average bungalow in the suburbs
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: A blue 2010 hatchback
Personality: Kept to himself, often busy, laid back
Background: Moved to Identity island to establish Modsmouth Group - a Rendon family owned business in 

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Name: Sebastian Triton

Age: 23

From: Los Angeles CA

Appearance Thin (but not very Muscular), Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, and about 6 foot 3

Attire: Leather Jacket, Jeans, Tee-Shirt

Job: Vice Presidents of Hetch Tech

Detail of House: Modern Two Bedroom House In Roseport (Currently)

Image result for modern house

Detail of Car: Red Moter Cycle

Image result for red motorcycle

Personality: Funny, Laid Back, Fair, Caring, Sweet, Shy, Polite, Honest, Sophisticated, Modest, Alittle Nerdy, Carming,

Backround: Sebastian's Parents are rich but he wanted to make a life of his own so he left Los Angeles and came to the island to start a new life he has FIVE siblings Named: Jacob Triton, Nick Triton, Sabrina Triton, Hannah Triton, and Leo Triton. Sebastian is the youngest of all his Siblings and all of his siblings live in Los Angeles Still. Sebastian loves to read and Paint but hes VERY shy and is too afraid to show his paintings and books to the rest of the world. He also likes to find new things and travel.

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<b>Name:</b> (Undisclosed due to the sensitivity of the career)
<b>Age:</b> 33
<b>From (City, Country):</b> Brooklyn, New York, The United States of America
<b>Appearance (Body, Face):</b> Light black with an average yet semi-muscular build
<b>Attire:</b> Black, grey, or brown suit.
<b>Job:</b> Commercial, political, and personal espionage agent, possible Lawyer, and politician.
<b>Detail of House:</b> Currently, a studio apartment that consists of a desk, fridge, stove, bed, dresser, closet, rug, radio, laptop, and television. The walls shall be red, the floor shall be dark OR light brown, and the ceiling shall be white.
<b>Detail of Car/ Vehicle:</b> Currently, a used motorcycle
<b>Personality:</b> A mature individual with a neutral tone.
<b>Background:</b> Son of a Trinidadian family that was raised within Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with the desire to function as a political leader for The People's Revolutionary Party.


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