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  1. Identity Beta, what do you think so far?

    It's both of your faults. You were being antagonistic @Shimozukachi, and @Atmosphere, well, let's just say that you weren't trying to fix anything.
  2. Super Power Game

    Above Persons Limt: You gain Alzheimers My Power: Can stay awake for multiple weeks without sleep
  3. Serious Roleplay

    I would probably try to SeriousRP, but I have a tendency to make mistakes, as in I would have a backstory and all the other stuff, but I might accidently break character from time to time.
  4. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    The chances of me applying has gone up, just so you know. I try not to get attached to anything just in case I screw up in commitment, but I won't forget your company easily.
  5. police helping criminals

    What if the Internal Affairs officer was corrupt?!
  6. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    I really intended two things here, yes, hitman was one of them(which it shouldn't have been). The other thing was still long range and using a rifle, but as a tool to tranquillise targets. Yeah, the sentence was worded badly, my fault.
  7. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    On another idea, have you thought of a more widespread witness cleanup? Y'know, say, a mafioso is trying to snitch on his bosses, or someone was able to get a clean shot of a robbers face, situations like that sometimes require more than a strongman with a chainsaw. Because I would totally be up for a long-range silencing.
  8. 300 Block Boys

    Like that band of old ladies from Fallout New Vegas! Except, you know, instead of old ladies you are young strippers.
  9. 300 Block Boys

    That's not a downside, that's a challenge. A challenge to create your own.
  10. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    A good idea I can see myself getting behind. I love it! Possibly the job I would apply for first in Identity!
  11. Desktop thread yo

    The best way to run a computer.
  12. Surprise! All your stocks are now worthless! Honestly though, damn, you got your life worked out there my friend. Well, I wish you all my luck.
  13. Rate the above song

    9/10, very addictive. I dunno, found this, I like it, but I want to see others opinion.
  14. Super Power Game

    Above Persons Limit: The things you create only exist for a minute My Power: I can change my physical appearance at will