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Found 1 result

  1. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    NEED TO GET RID OF THAT PESKY EVIDENCE? We Got Ya. Due to the ever growing community of Mafia families in Identity, I've decided to start my very own "cleaner" company. So, in case a mafioso of yours screws up, my associates and I can help clean up they're act. I'll first start off with owning a office building(Reference to The Office.) surely it may not seem suspicious at first, but one will soon notice what type of 'business' truly goes on within this establishment, once they've seen the 'Shredder' or the 'incinerator'. So, with the utmost respect to any crime families or gangs out there, if you need any unwanted evidence GONE just give me a call. Requirements to join(if interested): 1. KEEP THAT MOUTH OF YOURS SHUT! Last thing I need is one of you idiota's bragging about how you just got done stuffing internal affair evidence in the shredder in front of the pigs!(cops) 2. BE VERY CAUTIOUS! Be very thorough, you wouldn't wanna end up in the slammer because you left your DNA somewhere on the evidence ya stiff! 3. AFTER EVERY CLEAN UP, notify me or any of my higher ups after you've successfully cleaned up a body or evidence... Our Ranking System: HIGHER UPS 1. Head Of Waste Management(Boss):The overall leader or boss of the company. 2. Inspector(Second In Command Much Like A Mafia Underboss.) May still earn as they watch the Organizers earn, while giving a cut to the Boss. 3.Organizers(Acts as Major's Above Captains.) They may still earn as they watch the Foreman's earn, while giving a cut to the Inspector. MIDDLE RANKS 4. Foreman(Captain Rank) They may still earn as they report and give a cut to the Organizers, overall watching over and guiding Janitor's. 5.Janitor(Foot Soldier Rank) Earns and reports to the Foreman, watches over Garbage Guys/Gals. LOWER RANKS 6.Garbage Guy/Gal(Private Rank) Earns and reports to Janitor's, watches over Stiffs. 7. Stiff Or Stiffy(Recruit Rank.) A cleaner in training, works alongside Garbage Guys/Gals, as well reporting to them and giving them a cut. Cuts may vary after getting paid for a cleanup, it shall be divided equally and fairly. EXTRAS: I would like to keep this company middle and simple, making it too big could get us found out, and making us too small won't help neither. Anyway, if your interested, just message and we'll see where you'll fit in. PRICES: Someone Spreading Rumors And Needs To Be Erased:$500 a person Police Evidence Liquidation:$1000-1500(Depending how much heat is on you.) a piece Getaway Car That Needs To Be Crushed: $1300 a vehicle Useless Equipment Used To Complete A Criminal Job:$250 a piece Internal Affairs Evidence: $1800 Any others shall be talked over and waged. That should be it....Good day..Watch your backs and don't slip up!