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Found 2 results


    if a cop beats up a civilian or shoots the criminal even if they have there hands up will that get them deranked or removed from the police if this continues on here are some images i found. (NOTE i do not support police brutality but i do support and like the police)
  2. police helping criminals

    SOOoo this happend to me that my friend had a friend that was a high ranked cop in altis life and they were talking on steam for free gear and wepons. (keep in mid if your a high ranked cop you will get awesome wepons and gear) so he fills his car with wepons and gear, goes to his house AND GIVES IT TO HIM i was there to so i got a awesome gun with 5 mags. but if this happens in identity like cops giving criminals information on where they are blablabla. please don't be this guy. tell me your opinios in the comments my friends.