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  1. Fbi?

  2. When you can rob stores and steal all of the clothes

    umm what speak my friend
  3. BlackWater Cooperation

    you don know that blackwater is a private military right ?
  4. 300 Block Boys

    if you guys are gona need a hitman or something call me ok
  5. Hello from Pakistan

    hello from slovenia
  6. EU anyone?

  7. my story

    Matevž Špolad was born in Slovenia and was living there for 24 years. his job was a police officer and did well in the police forece. his final wish was to join a private military and get rich. luckly for him he found a private military company called ION corporation. he got accepted in but had to leave his country to the middle east. his boot camp tranning lasted for 2 months becouse he chosed a special tranning and for 2 months stayed in a camp called CAMP ISAF. his missions werent that hard for a while most of them were raiding houses,shothing the enemy and convoys. his last mission was called OPPERATION HELLFIRE the mission was dangerus becouse in 20 minutes he had to leave the city becouse the military would started and before he could leave he saw a crying chield trapped in a house he did saved him bud he spended 5 minutes so he puted him in his ifrit and went out of the city and the last thing he saw was a big explosion it was not a nuke but it was big that the city colapsed and it was gone. he also made new friends and did learned a lot of things. later he worked in a radio station called RADIO PAKISTAN. it was great for him and his thinking on living on a big island later on to work in his radio station on become a hitman from his past military nightmares. will se where he goes... pictures from Matevž Špolad. hope he will also help the Marianos family
  8. SOOoo (kill me) how do you think radio stations will work ? i know they will be in towns,cities,hills,... but i want to know how will we play music for tje talking i know we just speak in to the mic to give players informations but how will we play music. computers maybe. and the last thing how much will this all cost? and if your radio station is verry popular could you make money by doing that ? comment bellow for your ideas and my radio station will be called RADIO PAKISTAN. (it's a thing)
  9. What will you RP in identity?

    im gona be a hitman and probaly work in a radio station p.s. if youl try to kill me I WILL FUCK YOU UP 9 out of 11 best game
  10. apocalypse

    i would like to see a taliban or ISIS invasion if you know what i mean