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  1. I want to beileveĀ 

  2. Fbi?

  3. Amount of jobs available

    Yeah there were probably be a limit. Im not sure what the limit size is.
  4. Amount of jobs available

    There will be more then 1 server. so its not cramped and plus for other countries
  5. Direct Democracy?

    Seems good. lets hope we don't fall into the hands of a Dictator. I guess to make this game realistic we gotta have voting which im sure everyone loves
  6. Create Your Identity

    Name: Vincent TravoltiAge: 30From (City, Country): Capaci, Sicily, Italy Appearance (Body, Face): Black Hair, Average Height, Average body build.Attire: Black Suit Pants /w Black Suit Jacket. White Shirt /w Black Tie (casual)| Uniform (Standard Police Uniform)Job: Police OfficerDetail of House: Old ApartmentDetail of Car/ Vehicle: Old Rusty Black Dodge MonacoPersonality: Incorruptible, Likes Cats, Good Listener, Tough, Background: Vincent's Father was Italian and his mother was American. His Mother moved to Sicily to escape from her Ex-Husband. They met in Palermo when Vito (Vincent's Father) was on a business trip. He was born in Capaci. He helped his fathers pasta business and when he had enough money he moved to America at the age of 19. He moved to an Italian American place called Port Domenico he applied for Police Cadets and he got into the Port Domenico Police Force. At Age 24, he moved to (INSERT IDENTITY ISLAND NAME HERE). He was now a Police Officer of (IDENTITY CITY NAME) For 6 more years he is still an Officer to this very day.
  7. Not if i get there first buddy
  8. Joining the police force

    Making it complicated makes it more fun :). Maybe some servers could control what the test will be like?
  9. Common Jobs

    Paper Salesman Job? It would be cool to be Dwight Shrute
  10. Yuri. Not Gagarin.

    Welcome to Identity Yuri. With love from Australia
  11. ITS UNFAIR???????

    Il be on AUS servers so dont worry lil guy
  12. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    I know some basic Police Radio Codes and i know the Miranda Rights
  13. Joining the police force

    Its good that you need to apply for it
  14. Can't wait for this game.

  15. probably because i haven't made much posts and replies