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  1. @GreyFox I'm a Northerner, pal. Born near Belfast.
  2. I'm not applying to this mafia, but I love the idea. As an Irishman myself, I can see the appeal. I hope you do us proud friend. You a southerner or a northerner?
  3. Hey there, and welcome to the forums! Vaping is cool, but loli? That's quite a hobby XD.
  4. This sounds amazing! I love me some old school rock. And what do you mean by alien conspiracies? Their real. I saw one....
  5. @Cryogenix3 Remember, people create businesses on the business side of the forums.... so just look there?
  6. Welcome mate! I enjoying watching twitch, so I can't wait to see you stream.
  7. You guys realise this game is meant to play realistically. This isn't DarkRP on garry's mod. Its jobs and careers. Not "Lets kill heaps of people. lol".
  8. @PHAEROCON I think you've misunderstood what a pledge is buddy. "a solemn promise or undertaking", that's the google definition. Imagine promising someone something and then asking for a refund. The devs never confirmed a date for beta or alpha release. So don't be angry when they hit a set back. Be patient.
  9. Thanks @JamesLuck01! And sorry @JonathanTaylor, I didn't see the reply! <3
  10. @Shoobrit I hope to see you in some shady bar singing, that would be awesome!
  11. @Shoobrit She sounds like someone Andrew would be friends with. Although privately, as Andrew has a reputation to uphold. (no offence)
  12. Andrew Donaldson is a handsome, intelligent business owner. He runs Donaldson & Guns, one of the largest gun manufacturing organisation. Although dedicated to his work, Andrew enjoys talking and communicating with customers and friends alike. What is your character like?
  13. @Shoobrit We should make sure to meet each other!
  14. @Shoobrit, I think this game will be huge! But I believe it will take some time to build a dedicated fan-base of regulars. But yeah, I feel lucky and somewhat proud to be part of this community.
  15. @Gizmo Yeah, it kinda is. But I'm really impressed with how they are sharing photos and making videos! It feels like we are finally getting rewarded for our patience.