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  1. Lmfao
  2. peace

    yes. I feel like many are going to forget and drive on the wrong side of the road haha.
  3. The Benoza Cartel? You can pretty much just take your characters last name and make it the name. I'm assuming you are talking about a Latino Cartel.
  4. So I know that if you are injured you wait a few minutes or so for paramedics or you die. But will headshots be a one hit down? Like you get shot in the head and you immediately go down and have to wait for paramedics.
  5. Welcome to identity. PM me if yo want a job
  6. Hii

    Hey. PM me if you are looking for a job
  7. fourm game

    i recently foind a woman inder mt bed Betty Bought butter but said she this butter is bitter.
  8. well said.
  9. Gary's mod?
  10. Anyone know how that is going to work?
  11. Finna be funny seeing a bunch of white boys running around with toys thinking they on real nigga shit. If I ever see one of your gang members I'm going to kill them myself.
  12. Yall stop measuring your dicks and instead prove to your citizens who is the better candidate. @BrianHamilton @GeneSmith All politicians are corrupt one way or another and if you aren't now you will be eventually. I promise you. Also @BrianHamilton, @GeneSmith has been here a lot longer than you have. Of course, he is going to pay respect to the old family.
  13. Just wondering are you even able to have sexual intercourse in-game?

    1. Calisto


      No but you can roplay it. This service is more than just sex tho. You basically rent a personal slave that does whatever you say for as long as you paid for.

  14. CO-OWNER. My brother, Lafayette Hervieux, will also be in charge of [email protected] You will know who you are speaking to cuz we will put our names at the bottom of each post we make. I will still be the boss of our operation. He is merely my right hand. But I will still call him my Co-Owner