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  1. rp

  2. rp

    “Please! Whatever you want I can do it for you! I’m your guy remember?” Gene nods his head. He takes a puff of his cigarette before kneeling down. Blowing smoke in his face. “You’re so right. You’re my number one guy... Sorry, you WERE my number one guy. Until the skimming of my money.” The mans eyes get wider. He looks at Gene. ”No! I never did that!” ”Really? I guess my eyes don’t work? My 5,000$ cameras are broken? Heh, maybe it was a ghost that took your place.” ”It wasn’t me!” ”My grandfather told me a story of his grandfather. That he was a mean man. A psychotic murderer who raped women for fun. They called him The Whistler. Because whenever you were about to die he’d start whistling a tune, echoing through the air. His saying was ‘A man can be a murderer and remain completely sane. But being alone, in isolation, will drive him insane.’ What I’m trying to say to you Michael... You’re out.” Gene grabs Michael’s head and kisses his forehead. He then burns the cigarette through his eye and slits his throat. As he watches the man die he stands up and walks over to his goons. ”Take the body to the scrapyard. Pay Jimmy to let us use the crusher. We’re gonna make this look like a mob hit.” ”We’re framing the Luprano’s Boss?” ”Hmm?... Oh.. No, we aren’t framing anybody. It’s simply covering your tracks. Frank is a friend.” Gene sits in his Cadillac and reaches into his pocket. He grabs a pill bottle and downs two pills. He lets out a sigh. ”I need to see Dr. Allen.” ”At the Asylum? That place creeps me out.” ”Wait until you get a load of him.”
  3. Hold the phone. When did you leave @Calico?
  4. In your post you said Mayor. Might wanna adjust.
  5. rp

    Gene chuckles while looking at White Mask. ”Funny, and you’ve got a mouth on you. Last person I met that ran his trap got fucked up. Yeah it’s smokey in here, it’s a smoking lounge.” Before putting out his cigarette he motions his second hand man to bring something over. It looks like a tray of food. But as Gene opens the platter it’s the bleeding head of the goon White Mask beat up. ”I don’t like being fucked with. Nor do you I suppose. You can call yourself whatever you like but a man who murders and kidnaps isn’t exactly a hero.” Gene looks directly at White Mask, his eyes piercing straight through the soul. ”You’re a criminal, like me. Even though you don’t like to say it. You blend into society without your mask. But with it, with it you’re considered a freak. A murderer... They think less of you because of who you are, what you do, what you say. But when you have money. When you have power. You don’t gain respect. Respect is for amateurs, no I gain fear through my allies.” Gene slides over 200,000$ and smiles. ”Think of this as an investment for a partnership. I wanna see what you can do. With a bit of money you can become more that a King. You’ll be a god.” Gene leans back in his seat, his face barely out of the light. All you see is his devilish smile. ”Have fun...”
  6. rp

    As the black Cadillac drives up to the club Gene finishes his glass of bourbon before seating himself in the booth. Loading his favorite pistol, he sets it down on the table. As his goon walks in White Mask walks behind. “Please sit down, we have much to discuss.” Noticing his goon bloodied and beaten he walks up to him and asks him if he’s alright. He whispers something to his second hand man and then they walk off with the hurt man. ”Sorry about the extra security. People grow anxious at a face they can’t see. People gain comfort and satisfaction when they are able to identify a criminal. Your mysterious and outgoing, I enjoy that.” The calm piano music playing softly in the background with the smoke filled room acting as a seductive counter to Gene’s voice.
  7. rp

    As Gene fixes his tie he looks to the camera and smiles. The LED screen within the car would be taken over momentarily while they were driving. ”Hello, I’m going to be upfront and straight forward. I’m Gene Smith and I’ve been keeping an eye on you. Well.. the passenger that is. See when you’re like me you take interest in people who can make an impact. You are now on my radar White Mask, come to the Chairman. I’d love to have a chat. And don’t think about running when you reach your destination, my boys are waiting for you.”
  8. I’m just being a dink.
  9. election

    That raises even more of a problem. Why ban one type of weapon and leave every other weapon available. That’s like cutting yourself a slice of cake but then eating the rest of it. It’s more useful to ban all gun, and even then people would revolt.
  10. You spelled sticks wrong.
  11. fbi

    @Norway174 The corruption they seem to keep referring to is when I was departing from Identity and before I left I opened up a criminal organization. I came back and retracted the idea stating that it wasn't what I wanted to do. Yet @BrianHamilton and @FrancePourLaVie set out to "expose me" Now while Brian apologized and left it in the past this person continues with attempting to slander me. When I told Frank Luprano I was happy that such an old organization was still here they pounced on me. And then for some reason they still see me as completely corrupt. Sure I've had opportunities to become corrupt but I never took them. I'm sorry for causing an even bigger argument in your thread Norway. I'm gonna leave it be now, regardless of what's said by the all righteous France.
  12. fbi

    "In one ear and out the other" eh? Is that your new campaign slogan too? "FrancePourLaVie, I won't listen to anything you have to say. But I'll expect you to listen to every word I say." You're extremely unfit to do anything let alone become a political figure. That's absolutely absurd that you try and slander everybody you absolute hypocrite.
  13. rp

    He also went and accused me multiple times. Just a Fire looking for air so it can spread. Just leave him to making conspiracy theories that nobody cares about.
  14. rp

    As Martin was dragged out of the his club Gene heard something coming from the TV. As he looks over it's a man in a White Mask and another man driving in a car. "What are you watching?" "Oh! Sorry sir, I just wanted to see what happened next." "It's alright, what are you watching?" "Uh, he calls himself The White Mask, he's sort of a vigilante kinda guy I guess." Gene looks at the man, smiling he turns to his worker. "I'd like to meet him. Send some boys over to the other end of the island. Make sure he doesn't get away. Oh and Charlie, try and get someone who can disrupt the show, I want to make myself known." Gene takes a swig of his bourban before walking into his office. As he sits down he realizes that the link has already been established. "How wonderful, technology really has advanced."