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  1. Let's Build a Future Together

    2045: The Giraffe on mars made a spoon factory, and invented flying toilets. Everyone is considering moving to mars.
  2. Let's Build a Future Together

    2028 50% of america is cats.
  3. Just got my bape stuff

    ahh that makes sense.
  4. Identity City - Game

    Structure 28: @Vix's Strip Club
  5. Just got my bape stuff

    wtf even is supreme I see it everywhere.
  6. Ambulances

    nice nice.
  7. Ambulances

    that f350 (or f250 sorry I don't really know the difference) looks sexy af
  8. This OR That Game

    night Rain or Snow?
  9. need help with pc build!

    nice build.
  10. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 51: A room full of salt... and dead bodies. Mostly salt though.
  11. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    rockstar games sucks. I am currently typing with my eyes closed I wonder if I made a mistake somehow hmmm.
  12. Rate the above song

  13. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 35: The floor where all the bad and or outdated memes go, close your eyes.
  14. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 30: all the previous floors combined, but on fire.
  15. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 26: Ash from Rainbow Six Siege breaching through the floor and shooting Macklemore.