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  1. 0/10 it doesn't even sound like music to me..
  2. I really hope they have an AE86 because I just want to hear this while i'm driving through the mountains at night.
  3. Rainbow Six Siege, DOOM, Black Desert Online, Paladins and i'm gonna get PUBG soon.
  4. forum game

    2045: The Giraffe on mars made a spoon factory, and invented flying toilets. Everyone is considering moving to mars.
  5. forum game

    2028 50% of america is cats.
  6. bape

    ahh that makes sense.
  7. forum game

    Structure 28: @Vix's Strip Club
  8. bape

    wtf even is supreme I see it everywhere.
  9. nice nice.
  10. that f350 (or f250 sorry I don't really know the difference) looks sexy af
  11. night Rain or Snow?
  12. nice build.
  13. Floor 51: A room full of salt... and dead bodies. Mostly salt though.
  14. fourm game

    rockstar games sucks. I am currently typing with my eyes closed I wonder if I made a mistake somehow hmmm.
  15. 5/10