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  1. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Michael kneels down at a set of tire tracks in the dirt* "This way boys" He stands up and walks back towards his bike "Mount up!"
  2. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    "Hey brother" Michael says giving Micky a handshake "Our boys where on an everyday gun run and got jumped. 'Parrently they were Scots. No idea why theyre in town. Anywho, looks like something happened to our boys as theyre bikes are still here but they arent"
  3. Calypso's Farm

    Looking good as usual Been a fan from the beginning. Much love to your company and all the luck i can give 
  4. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    "uhhhgg...fucking scots..." *He picks up the phone and begins to talk to Micky* "Hey bud, where the hell are you? We got some trouble man" *Michael exchanges their location with Micky before hanging up and continuing to look around*
  5. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Michael stops in his tracks* "See if you can get ahold of Micky to get down here. After that, call our contact in the local PD and see if theyve heard anything?"
  6. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *He leans the shotgun over his shoulder and stands there while thinking* "Well first things first we gotta find out who did this and where our boys are" *He looks over at a patched member named Mark, known for his nerdiness behind a computer* "Get on your damn gadgets and see what you can fish out. Im going to look around for some clues as to where that may have headed. Let me know if you find anything"
  7. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    "Probably" He says checking every corner and the back of the van, his old army instincts kicking in "But where are the rangers? There bikes are still here"
  8. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Michael turns around to face Jason holding a super shorty and cocks is with one hand*  "Pain!" He replies.
  9. Radio Stations

    Classic rock: Rollin stones, the who, the clash, iron maiden
  10. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Michael raises his hand in the air and signals the other behind them to pick up speed. They soon reach the outskirts of the war and parts of a van can be seen at the side of the road riddled with bullet holes* "Jesus!" He exclaims to himself, wondering who decided to mess with the club but worried at the same time.
  11. Hello from UK!

    Greetings fellow Brit  
  12. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *As they lead out of the compound and head into the abyss of the islands countryside, more members of the club begin to file into formation behind Michael and Jason. Gunshots can be heard in the distance from pistols and assault rifles*
  13. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 45: One very horny grandpa  watching  A giant orgy of grannies
  14. Bad Company Rangers MC

    Many Thanks
  15. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    "Ahhh im too old for that shit now son" He says pouring another shot "Maybe one day" *He quickly downs his shot before a cell phone can be heard ringing in his pocket. He flips open an ancient brick phone and listens in. Seconds after he closes it and places it in his pocket* "We gotta go..." He says getting up and heading for the door "One of our gun convoy is in trouble"