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  1. The Red Spade

    Another club? What happened to the chairman?
  2. Anyone interested in a crime daughter/wife?

    Also used to be an illegal car mechanic looking for a wife...double RIP
  3. Anyone interested in a crime daughter/wife?

    Should have been here earlier. Used to be an MC Prez looking for an ingame wife
  4. Backer Only Area?

    Splendid Idea  
  5. Hiring Staff/security NFFA PARTY

    A tad cocky and rude wouldnt you say? ...
  6. Aryan Brotherhood

    All I will add is that as many of you said. Imitating a real life gang in real life or in the virtual world is a rather shady area. For examples, motorcycle gangs find it really offensive if you wear their patch in real life as the patch is earned. Even if it's fictional, such as sons of anarchy, many people find it disrespectful if you wear the patch without first warning that patch.  im not saying take it down as I have used the aryan brotherhood idea before but just be respectful of the people within that gang. Show no offence to them by driving their name into the ground.
  7. Winston University

      Welcome To Winston University! Winston University is a newly founded University on the island, complete with a modern campus to fulfill all of your educational needs. With courses ranging from art to business, you are bound to find a course that fits you. Our staff are very professional and will seek to help you out at the best of their abilities and get you the best grades possible by the end of your course.   Below is a link to our University handbook that is updated regularly, containing info on our current staff, their roles, the courses available and eventually a map of the campus. Winston University Handbook   So what are you waiting for? Sign up to one of our courses today and show the world your true identity!   (This post is a WIP)
  8. University as gerneral game education.

    Well if people seem this interested. I may aswell start now. Professor Herzog will be back with more info soon
  9. The Gentleman's Club

    We have a teamspeak but i am not able to talk at this current moment in time
  10. IdentityRPG Fan Art

  11. Small communities

    @Luck I run a small community based of my club, The Gentleman's Club. We are currently small but we are trying to get new members but not hundreds at a time. We gain like 1 or 2 a week but its going well. We play all sorts of games from Rust, GTA V, ArmA, Squad, War Thunder and the list goes on. Admin team is very nice and has the experience needed to run a community. We are currently hosting a GTA V meetup session possibly tonight if you are interested to join. We plan on meeting in game and on teamspeak and just generally relaxing. Of course, other events are bound to follow. If you are interested, here is a link to my forum. Feel free to join us or to ignore us http://beyondallhope.ipbhost.com/
  12. Gene Smith for Governor

    Gene Smith has my, and my club's, full support in the election. Jolly good show old chap!   Herzog
  13. University

    I could do classes on public services/law since I studied them for 3 years. Unfortunately it's British law so I'll have to mix and match with American stuff 
  14. The Gentleman's Club

    Aha, sorry I have put that if there are enough girls that want to join or want a similar club then im more than happy to add in a womens only section to the club. If youd like to you are more than welcome to run this side of the club if you want such a club for women  
  15. Shopping Centre or Mall

    Yeh, would still be a good place to gather for a coffee or something