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  1. Guess well just have to wait and see the outcome of his organization. Thank you for somewhat agreeing with me dude
  2. All im pointing out is the point that hes describing things he cant do so he should he should think about things he can do and implement them and not necessarily do what i have done and created a whole new idea. If anything, its more of pointing out a problem he can work on that a criticism. Can we agree on that??  Long story short, just his idea needs a bit of work and thought. 
  3. Its because I just eventually feel that my new venture isn't the one I feel like doing. For me it's hard to decide what I want to do in game. Now I don't want this turning out as an argument yeh...   
  4. And that's why I agreed with him...  There's a difference between changing business ideas and creating new businesses as a whole 
  5. If thats the case they may as well call themselves the communist party
  6. List of Confirmed Businesses

    From what ive seen in previous posts i dont think you can. Someone else wanted a business selling the same products but i believe it was pointed out that you will not be able to manufacture/sell electrical devices. This is only what i have seen and can remember from the past, it may change in the future.  Many thanks @JamesLuck01 for passing this on
  7. Love how the idea changes everytime something you wanted to do, cant be done
  8. International President of the Bad Company Rangers MC. Running guns across the island and working on our bikes, while chilling at our clubhouse
  9. Agreed. This isnt pay to win. This is pay to support. The things you get as a reward are for the fact you pledged. Going around and killing people because they made the game your playing possible?? Seems a tad OTT.
  10. Well you dont need to be a dick. I have no clue mate
  11. Would be great to get my MC known across the newer members of the community 
  12. Identity Island Football League

    I bloody hate football but this is cool. very well thought out and professional