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  1. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    I hate the Fibonacci because the family is based off maths which is really gay but hey, who am I? Just some lowly commenter on this thread because I hate the family name. PS. If you weren't smart enough to figure it out, what I stated above is the fibonnaci sequence. Aswell as this.
  2. Continue The Story

    put it into his bumhole and he screamed, with
  3. ur new cheif

  4. Slaughter Gang **Recruiting**

    oi slaughter gang, I heard you lot are a bunch of halal butchers. i was wondering when i could be hired. thanks alot. yours faithfully, judgement
  5. Food Prep?

    and i'ma eat them motha fucking cheese toasties! better add some dog, or it ain't worth anythin'
  6. Food Prep?

    You can eat puppies found in-game.
  7. K-9 Police ?

    Instead of having K9 Police we should firstly make dogs accessible to be bought and eaten ingame, as it is my one soul purpose to start a restaurant where we shall eat these cute lil puppies.
  8. Anonymous

    This looks really cool!
  9. Mr Supreme Leader, i'd like to work for your company.

    Hit me up with that PM ;)

  10. If anyone has an organization,company or workplace that will pay me for my quality work, hit me up with a PM. You won't regret hiring me.
  11. Need A Graphics Designer

    Mate, TheNerdyChef is a kitchen scum. Come to me if you want real graphicz...
  12. Religious Cult

    I shall start the religion Islam in Identity and make our brothers proud.
  13. Food and Drinking?

    Would you like 13 reasons why?