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  1. forum search tutorial

  2. forum search tutorial

    Sometimes, when I use the search function, nothing happens. Just blank pops up.
  3. What is your concern about Identity.

    I don't give a shit "dude"
  4. What is your concern about Identity.

    That if the game is even gonna come out in the next 10 years.
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you make some good friends along the way! ~Luca Santarelli
  6. sarcasm

  7. sarcasm

  8. sarcasm

    The business is full of kids who want to make a farm The politics is full of kids who want to be in the Illuminati True, Crime is full of wannabes Police is full of, well I don't know because I don't bother to go in their
  9. Life after death

    me too. Freeg off randy!
  10. Life after death

    smartest guy in the trailer park
  11. Life after death

  12. Pilot job? Having kids?

    Pilots will just 9/11 everything.
  13. Hey from the Midwest~

  14. The Santarelli Crime Family *recruiting*

    The Santarelli Crime family is a full RP, Italian mafia Respect Few Fear None Live by it The Santarelli Crime family is a small, mafia styled family devoted to controlling smaller regions of the games map. You own a store in lower city area? 30% of your pay will be given to the family, every paycheck No business gets by without paying the family dues But don't worry, The family wont control a whole region or city, most likely a block or two. If possible three. Further information of our business will be discussed privately and when a member joins. No business is to be talked "on the streets" We are Different people day and night, dark and unknown completely apart from everybody else. Theirs only a certain few of us, so we keep operations real tight. The Family Omerta The full family Omerta is not to be talked about in person "on the streets". But rather when you join the mafia, and taking the Cosa Nostra. The Omerta is basically a code stating you will not talk to authorities, co-operate with the authorities, and co-operate with other families. It also states that any family member must do the time the authorities have given him, even if he hasn't even done it. Later on in the family, we might co-op with other small families, but that's not now. The Cosa Nostra The Cosa Nostra is the family oath, and is not to be talked about on the streets, with any other family, or any authority. But only to be talked about when joining the mafia. Our Family is more important than your own. What is said in the meeting, stays in the meeting. But never leaves your heart The HLR This is the third process of joining. (Out of 3, Omerta, Cosa Nostra, and HLR) The HLR is a code taken by all members of the family. Stating all members must be Honest, be Loyal and have Respect. Honesty to all family members Loyalty to everybody in the family Respect for everybody, and all family members Some basic, Family rules These rules are to be taken extremely Ethnicity – only men of Italian descent are allowed to become full members (made men). Family secrets – members are not allowed to talk about family business to non-members. Blood for blood – if a family member is killed by another member, no one can commit murder in revenge unless the boss gives permission. No fighting among members – from fist fights to knife fights. Adultery – members are not allowed to commit adultery with another family member's wife. Full Family Rules Members must be of age (14) 1. Be loyal to members of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest. Do not be an informer 2. Be rational. Be a member of the team. Don’t engage in battle you can’t win. 3. Be a man of honor. Respect womanhood and your elders. Don’t rock the boat. 4. Respect your families loved ones, such as Daughters, Sons, his Wife, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews and anyone he describes as a loved one. This is somewhat related to rule #3 5. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out, The ‘stand-up guy’ shows courage and ‘heart.’ He does not whine or complain in the face of adversity, including punishment, because ‘If you can’t play, don’t play.’ 6. Have class. Be independent. Know your way around the world 7. No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it. 8. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife's about to give birth. 9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families. 10. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth. 11. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold too Structure Boss - Head of the family Underboss - appointed by the boss, and is the second command of the family. He runs the day - to - day operations. Consigliere - The bosses right hand man, He is the third highest ranking member and is given the most respect. Next to the boss of course. The Consigliere attends every family meeting, acting as an aid or a representative. He also acts as the bosses aid. Capo - Leader of a crew of soldiers. He is also responsible for any tasks assigned, including murder, labor racketeering, it is usually a capo who controls the infiltration of union locals Soildier - Soldiers are the main workers of the family, usually committing crimes like assault, murder, extortion, intimidation, etc. In return, they are given profitable rackets to run by their superiors and have full access to their family's connections and power. When the books are open, meaning that a family is accepting new members, a made man may recommend an up-and-coming associate to be a new soldier. Associates - Associates are not actual members of the Mafia but rather anyone who teams up with them on a criminal enterprise of some kind. They could be someone who does business with the mob, including money-laundering bankers, crooked cops, lawyers, politicians, etc. There are also the Italian newcomers who have yet to be made, called cugines, and they play a minor role in the operation of the Mafia. Associates are also fair game on the streets, they are not protected by the organization. Anybody can be an associate in the mafia, however only Italians and Sicilians can be made. Made Men Before "Making your bones", A soldier must show extreme honesty, Extreme loyalty and extreme respect. You have to live by the HLR, showing the traits more than any other soldier. Becoming a made man means you have fully devoted your life to the family. Our family, has now become yours. The acception to your mother and father and child of course. Not your brother, not your sister, and not your wife. Acceptions will be made depending on how much the Cosa Nostra needs you. Before being inducted a potential made man is required to have carried out a contract killing; thus, murders committed for personal reasons do not count. Committing one's first contracted killing is referred to as "making your bones." When introducing one made man to another, the phrase "a friend of ours" is used, indicating that he is a member and business can be discussed openly with him; however, when introducing an associate or civilian with whom business should not be mentioned, the phrase "a friend of mine" is used. Made men are the only ones who can rise through the ranks of Cosa Nostra, from soldier to capo, (captain) consigliere, underboss, and boss. To attack, let alone kill, a made man for any reason without the permission of those Mafiosi higher up in the organization is seen as a cardinal sin which will normally be met with severe retaliation, in many cases regardless of whether the perpetrator has a legitimate grievance. The made man is traditionally seen as "untouchable" by the law as well as by his fellow criminals, a man to be respected and feared. Made men can only be 100% Italian or Sicilian Territory The Santarelli Crime Family will have full control of the docks closest to the biggest city. We will sell illicit cargo such as cigarettes, weed and booze. The docks are not just a work place for dock workers, anybody can come and hang around, walk about freely, converse with friends, and dock ships. Although one thing, the ships coming in will be prosecuted in a non-illegal fashion, for our safety and the safety of the men and women around the docks. Warning, If anybody sells anything they will be sent a message. ex. beating them. We will also control one extremely small area in Ash Hill where illegal "things" will be going on, the exact location will not be said. With that being said, we will do little to no work in Roseport. Luca Santarelli Santarelli Crime Family boss We are recruiting! Please ask any questions
  15. The Santarelli Crime Family *recruiting*

    This is a great video! These are good traits not just to be an alpha male, but to be happy in life!
  16. Luprano Family

    Both said very well. Settle the beef in game.
  17. The Five Hundred Monkey Genocide

    What? You've never shot blood before instead of ropes?
  18. Steering wheels

    That would be awkward as fuck! I have a g27 and I cant imagine using a wheel and keyboard together
  19. But cant you have two accounts? ex. for me, My first account is Luca, the boss of an Italian mafia, my second is vice president of an MC. Both have no relation to each other what so ever.
  20. A way to regulate the criminal population?

    It's gonna be chaos!
  21. Multiple stores

    Suggestion. You can own one company which has multiple stores.
  22. Steering wheels

    Steering wheels will be cool, but then you would have to switch from wheel to keyboard, right?