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Found 8 results

  1. Hey i was just wondering if it was posible to do a tour around the Town Square.
  2. Hey there, so I've been looking around the forums for answers about the upcoming gameplay video that's supposed to happen before the year is out, does anyone happen to know how that is coming along and whether we will still be getting it by New Years?
  3. Threw a frag movie together, like n a comment would be nice! No ads, all for entertainment.
  4. Are they planning on coming out with a combat video? Have they set a date for it?
  5. I'm probably not the only one wandering this, but when is the next dev update or post? I believe there is one like once a month or that's what I thought. I'm always excited to see a new dev post, or update and see the progress the team has made. I can't wait for the release of this game, and I understand that nothing comes fast. But keeping the backers in the loop is always greatly appreciated.
  6. I swear this is the most hilarious shit I've ever watched! Please show me more funny videos, I feel like laughing.
  7. Was just wondering when the next video would be coming out and what it would show off.