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  1. Hey PermanentPMS, I'm not sure where you've heard this but nothing has changed as far as crafting clothing and customizing vehicles. Perhaps you're confusing responses to questions about adding/modding in your own clothing models into the game, which won't be possible unless we add modding to Identity someday (no promises). Players who are crafting and customizing items will craft from a list of existing 3d clothing assets that are added into the game by our developers, and players will then be able to customize that asset however they please, choosing primary/secondary colors, adding and changing patterns and materials, and even displaying their clothing brand on the item. In fact, we're potentially even expanding on this feature by possibly allowing players to upload images to our game server to display on custom crafted clothing. I hope this eases your concerns, and sorry for the confusion.
  2. Different people working on different things. Marvin and Antoine, who did these lamps and fans don't work on any part of the video.
  3. From Today's Gaming Hour Stream
  4. hey Im trying to buy the normal citizen pledge. but once im in there is only the option for donate is it there? once i pass over the "pledge now" sign there is no like "buy button". Is it temporally out or is in the donation or stuff like that due the Town Square?

    game looks awesome and can't wait to play

    ps. since im in europe, is possible to pay in euros as well?

    have a nice week

  5. Hey man, can you please let Paratus know I've requested $30 on PayPal for a refund. My brother got his last week and I've been waiting about 10 days now. Really need the money by Wednesday.


  6. Please read my message!


  7. Hopefully resolved via PM's. Sorry for inconvenience!
  8. I spent $60 on the shop for the motorist. Just letting you know. Good luck with the development. 

    1. POLLYNATION1775


      Nevermind I thought the game was out.

  9. When does Town Square release??? 89% still..

  10. Hey Lugaru, could you tell me how much your pledge was for? I'll fix it for you as soon as possible!
  11. when does the beta access coming out ? cause i payed 30 dollars and i didn't received the game

  12. Hey Mrblackdeath, no worries at all! Please PM me your email address and account username and I'll sort it out for you!
  13. Is the PC version currently available?

    1. Davi


      No it is not.

  14. I know this is an odd request but is there any way I could get my name changed please? I accidentally spelled it wrong while typing and it is the same name I use for all my online communications. I would like it to be spelled Rellikrats1 please instead of the way it is spelled now. I am very sorry about the inconvenience, I just cant seem to change it myself.

    Thank you, 


  15. Do you know the estimated release date of the full game or when it will be ported to xbox one/PS4? If so, please respond to this, or if you know how much the full game will cost please include that as well.