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  1. Hey man, can you please let Paratus know I've requested $30 on PayPal for a refund. My brother got his last week and I've been waiting about 10 days now. Really need the money by Wednesday.


  2. Please read my message!


  3. Hopefully resolved via PM's. Sorry for inconvenience!
  4. I spent $60 on the shop for the motorist. Just letting you know. Good luck with the development. 

    1. POLLYNATION1775


      Nevermind I thought the game was out.

  5. When does Town Square release??? 89% still..

  6. Hey Lugaru, could you tell me how much your pledge was for? I'll fix it for you as soon as possible!
  7. when does the beta access coming out ? cause i payed 30 dollars and i didn't received the game

  8. Hey Mrblackdeath, no worries at all! Please PM me your email address and account username and I'll sort it out for you!
  9. Is the PC version currently available?

    1. Davi


      No it is not.

  10. I know this is an odd request but is there any way I could get my name changed please? I accidentally spelled it wrong while typing and it is the same name I use for all my online communications. I would like it to be spelled Rellikrats1 please instead of the way it is spelled now. I am very sorry about the inconvenience, I just cant seem to change it myself.

    Thank you, 


  11. Do you know the estimated release date of the full game or when it will be ported to xbox one/PS4? If so, please respond to this, or if you know how much the full game will cost please include that as well.

  12. Hey Sjondefries! Good question! Unless it's a private server that requires it, players will not have to apply to join the police force. On Official servers, the process to join the police career is mostly automated. You may have to qualify through a training tutorial to get started, and then again after earning the right to become a detective, but you won't have to worry about talking to any players or staff on Official servers to become a cop. Private servers may choose to manually select their police officers, and will have the option to decide how that process is determined. If they'd like to interview people to qualify, they can.
  13. Hey @Mastahakill, I disabled the ability to upload images to the forums. You should still be able to host media through third party sites like Imgur though, which should still display the content on the forums the same way it did before. However, uploading files was removed as a precautionary security measure for the forums. Also, we don't want anyone uploading anything inappropriate to our servers and being held liable for that content :).
  14. Wooo, congratulations Devonor! Thank you so much for being such a long standing, contributing member of our community. We appreciate you, and everyone else who has been so patiently waiting for this game with us!
  15. Hey @KAMIKAZE ! We really like your idea for a referral program. This is something that we would really enjoy implementing after a few more things are in order, such as the new shop page, or after users finally get to login to the Town Square to address some of the concerns some users have with the project. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll share it with our Project Lead, @Paratus during our next meeting.