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  1. Identity Flyers?

    Whoa, I didn't expect anyone to notice the flyers! I love Lewis! I handed him one when we met at PAX East. The flyers looks like this!   Made by Brad Durham, our UI artist!
  2. please make a Q&A with thedynasty he is a youtuber that makes videos about your game I'm a fan and we would really like more info on this game so thank you.


  3. How will in-game moderation work, Motown? I'd really love to be one that plays just like everyone else, but with the ability to make the place better for everyone!

  4. Hello, I would like to know when IDENTITY will come out and if it will be released on console (PS4, PS3 XBOX ....)

  5. Hey when is the beta version of identity coming out 

  6. Hello, 

    my name is twinky and I am wanting to be a huge help to the community and give people help and guidance, I am hoping to create a gang based on giving to the people who need the help the most. I am also fairly new i joined about an hour ago and was wondering if you with you almighty power and also kind nature and love for the community help me get a little started off and get people to know my cause. I am twinky the leader of the desperadoes leader of the rebellion we give to the needy and take from the unworthy so if you believe my cause and trust my kind nature I hope you will respond and help me out so I can help the community and in return I will also do favors like you like maybe smuggle some grade A cocaine into your house so the law doesn't find out but keep that one on the down low so hush hush. as you can tell im huge into role playing and want to get more people involved so serisolsy I could use some help. thank you for your time and for the rebellion. 


  7. Experienced Police Officer

    Hey Kracken! Welcome to the Identity community! People like yourself with experience in law enforcement will be a healthy benefit to the police career in this game. We hope we'll receive your approval by hopefully doing a good job representing law enforcement in Identity!
  8. Name change

    Sorry for the late response DJMaggus, please private message me letting me know what name you'd like to use on the website and forums.
  9. E-mail Change

    Hey Unrundead, if I understand correctly, you'd like to change your email address on the account page. Please private message me with the email address you'd like it to be changed too!
  10. Cant Log in

    Hey Yannifatios, Jamesluck beat me to it, but please be sure you have created an account for both the website and forums separately. They are two different accounts. Let me know if the problem still persists!
  11. I send you a message.


  12. Backer Only Area?

    We'd love to do this! We still need to integrate pledge tiers into forum user accounts. After that is sorted, we'll see about making this happen!
  13. Scam Email!

    Thanks guys, I'll investigate that.
  14. Do you or any other devs happen to know how clothing creation will work?

  15. Steam Beta?

    Hey Golden, Identity will be on Steam, but I'm not sure it will be on Steam during beta testing. You may have to download it from a custom launcher available on our website in order to test when the time comes. We will make more payment options available in the future from our website long before their are any changes to the current pledge tier options.