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  1. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    i will check on the apartment system and see the interiors of the other buildings
  2. Karaoke Bar Song Requests

    I like rammstein, but am not from germany tho and anyone can read german easily "i think"
  3. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    better game in your opinion, and the game u are talking about must be small game and doesn't need a big team of designers and programmers.
  4. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Pavlenko is doing really great job i like his designs. keep it up
  5. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    u know that programming is not that easy especially with not a big team of programmers.
  6. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    What do u mean with frienemi? u mean frenemy? I dunno know if u mean it in a bad way or good. but thx anyways
  7. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Egypt! It's not in Europe but wanted to let u know
  8. I want to know if the game will have the enough servers to serve the players without waiting in queue like other new games, and if there will be queue how long will it be?
  9. So i was wondering if my pc will handle the game and make it work at least on 70 or 60 fps Cpu- i5 2400 3.10GHz Graphics card- Gtx 750 from gigabyte Ram- 8 GB Hard disk- 1tb