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  1. Much upgrade higher prices now

    I thought that it was supposed to be the same for a week after the new website got up, after that the packages that existed before will be gone and you have to pick loose stuff? (which costs more)
  2. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Okay about the 1000+ players etc. yes the SpatialOS thing allows them to do that, no they won't they keep it at a maxium around 300, this because other way people would still needs beast computers and they don't want to have Identity only on high end PC's. There will also not be an equal number of police and criminals, anyone can be a criminal in these servers and the most servers are using a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ration meaning 4 civs 1 cop, this can either mean 4 criminals, 3 criminals and 1 non criminal. Or for an example this could also mean 4 non criminals. There will never be an equal number of police force vs criminals as you never know who of the civillians necessarily become criminals. Also pretty sure that to counter that you could indicate rules on community servers, such as one major crime at a time (one bank heist, or other stuff compared to that). Myself am interested in both sides, I always RP'ed a cop in ArmA3 and I like it but because it's Identity I would be interested in seeing the Criminal part aswell, and luckly the game gives you the option to do both and explore both sides Also interested in just other stuff to do, selling things etc.
  3. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    So another post like this.. Okay first off, for the people who gets sick about whining people in these topics you're not requiered to read them so if you're sick of them than just don't read them its simple. Now some are sick of the whiners so they whine about why so many people whine.. Just don't waste energy on it it's that easy. Aswell you can just disabled the E-mail notifications for this topic so you don't get spammed just a tip. I backed Identity about 1.5 to 2 years ago and ye I'm sick of the date pushbacks but I know it's something that comes with development ever since I develop myself. Ye okay I do agree that pushing back everything isn't that necessary for instance the new website, you could put it online and just disable the payment options that aren't approved yet. But it's weird that such thing gets pushed back for a month or 1.5 because the payment company doesn't reply, like what? Which payment company are you using than because normally you get response within a week, actually more like within 2 days. But as for the game and modules, let them take their time, and yes the team is splitting up because you can't expect artists to program. As for the tracker, ye I agree I found it rather odd that UI testing takes this long but than again fixing one thing can break 100 other things. And we don't know what the problem is so we can't really blame anything unless you know the full story. I mean that the payment provider doesn't reply within 1.5 month or 2 is rather odd, than again we don't know the problem. TLDR: Stop whining about the whiners who whine about the game being a scam, whining about these whiners doesn't help either and you are only frustrating your self. These people will be here on the forums and will put out their frustration or opinion even if it's not fun for the rest. Just better to stop putting energy in it. You can disable e-mail notifications for topics atleast I believe Development takes time, yes pushbacks are annoying and yes for the website it's rather odd because why would a payment company not reply in 1.5 month or something? But pushbacks for the game are frustrating but it's gonna happen, you backed the game during it's process so just sit it out and wait even if that frustrates you.
  4. I like the idea but wouldn't expect this to being added in untill atleast a year after full release, maybe even further like Luckyduck said. The idea is great to do such thing but let's see what the future bring and let them develop core stuff before addressing new ideas ^^
  5. My rant video

    I mean they said multiple times before that they are working on the other modules as well. And the price comparison doesn't really make sense, they have a team of 20 to 30 people or something currently. So 14$ a hour times 8 times 3 (just guessing for a small prop 3 days could be longer could be shorter, more detailed models take longer) Or they just pay for a model in total so modelling, texturing etc. Besides that, office rent obviously goes off so does taxes for the sold product, and not sure how it works in Canada but overhere you can't just hire a guy if you can pay 14$ a hour, you need money aswell to pay monthly for this persons pension and health insurance and other stuff. So let's say the base 14$ a hour but on top of that would come another 5$ a hour for these stuff. Obviously freelancers don't get it, just to clarify not the full amount of that 1 mil can be spend on development it would be more realistic to say about 65% of that money is able to be spend on development. I agree however that it would be very odd to delay a month extra because a person got a newborn, i mean congratz and it's good news but as you said there's other programmers / coders who could take up his tasks, or is every programmer on hold till the lead programmer comes back? One more thing about the tree's, not every tree is thick like that just like the after picture there's tree's that are that thin. However it would be weird if all those tree's would be that thin. Anyway I backed 2 years ago and always kept faith and defending the delays but even myself am losing a bit of my interest in it. There comes a point in which you can't defend all the delays that happen. And ye just like you said I'm not sure that it will come in April either maybe in the Summer?
  6. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    What if I told you it would die out before TS even gets released? Joke aside, Couldve expected it.. I backed this about 2 years ago, and with the limited media give outs and with just 2 videos out I kept believing in it. But even I'm slowly losing it now after all these set backs, even if you expect it to happen eventually it will tire you out. "To help ease the pain of waiting for a taste of Identity, we're going to start throwing more media out for you, including a Town Square trailer video overviewing the features you'll find inside." Not gonna see that happen really, they said there will be a trailer video, but I see it happen that the video will get pushed back aswell untill April 23th lol.
  7. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    I hope it won't change but you never know it can change for any given reason. To be honest I found it weird recently after some time to come back to this website and not finding a new website still. But that's just a small thing so I mean that's not really important. I didn't know before that they would release another video but for TS.. If they are planning on doing such thing than they might need to get a higher pressure. I mean I saw Lee working on the appartments still, and I suppose these are being added in that video than aswell. especially since they said that people could see their pledge appartments in the town square. Anyway I hope they won't set it back sometime like with anything before, but if I were you I would keep in mind that it would happen. This case if it doesn't happen you can only be happier than if it actually does happen.
  8. Artist with too much time on her hands

    They won't allow custom 3D models, atleast untill full release maybe after that they could decide or change their opinion and think about allowing it. (and think about a way to implement such thing) After all they started with modding etc. them selfs. But for now you could only work with their assets.
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    ye the right is the new website, it actually is the new page of this one: The left is the Asylum website, and Notepad ++
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Ye they use Substance Painter 2 (I believe, atleast one of them used it)
  11. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    i7-4790k 24 GB Ram GTX 970
  12. I recall seeing concept art once of the same floor plan but 3 different placements and types like floor etc. (Dont know where i saw this once)
  13. What kind of specs do you need to run this game?

    Can you run for example GTA V, ArmA3 or any other "heavy requesting" games? I mean on good settings etc.
  14. Twitch auto deletes recordings if they are older than 30 or 90 days either one of those
  15. Blinkers

    Same over here.. Like you're supposed to do it but if you don't the police dont bother.. There's bigger fish to catch I suppose on what they think. Although I would give them a warning, but not like a citation or something for something like that. I'm even wondering if we will be able to use them? Do you know that Lucky?