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  1. Zinx Mafia Family - Anonymity Is Guarantee - Hiring

    yeah ur probably right my bad
  2. Zinx Mafia Family - Anonymity Is Guarantee - Hiring

    interesting mafia. Lots of respect. But just wondering what other sort of things do you manage. Besides racket/vip protection, and hired killing? do you mess with drugs, laundering, counterfeit, arms dealing, etc...?
  3. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Really admire this family. You're well organized and your rules are perfect. However, just our of curiosity, I was wondering what you do with the money that members pay you to get in or higher in rank. Is is just for the boss or will it be contributed towards resources for the family? (like guns, drugs, cars, etc...)
  4. The Santarelli Crime Family *recruiting*

    Glad to be part of the family