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  1. The Great Monarchy - Police Policies (Royal Guard)

    Any governor elected will have the full support and loyalty of my crew. Just let us be brutal on those criminals and cop killers.
  2. My appeal to the Police- Roger for Governor

    Any mayor that get's elected will be served and protected with utmost importance by my crew (If any actually join the game). I got a few of us that are going to play though, just let us be brutal towards criminals and cop killers and you got a deal.
  3. Corruption? at police

    This is a pathetic idea, any corrupt cops I find on this server co-operating with criminals I'll shoot myself.
  4. Army

    Well the best way to go about this is to just use civilian arms and dress yourself up in a military fasion but privately contract yourself to government forces.
  5. Becoming an Officer

    Hopefully it won't be too strict. It's casual afterall and with so big a player base we need more cops on the force to keep them in line. So if running for cop was like applying for nasa then it would just be a crime fest.
  6. I'm wanting to know so I can join it, I haven't used discord but I heard there is a popular one everyone uses so can I have the info or whatever I need for it. Or if there is any popular teamspeaks let me know thanks!

    He told me on skype that it was a SEMI-SERIOUS rp and that trolling IS not against the rules. Here is a tip on how to not get beaten by cops.

    Well motown/fuzzball/sean told me this was going to be a light RP, not a serious RP, and that trolling IS allowed. If a person raises his hands up and surrenders yes they do not deserve to be shot or beaten. But if they go off talkin mad shit ofc there going to get shot or beaten. That's how the LAPD does it irl.
  9. ORG: Ass Beating Cops

    Scum criminals LOL.
  10. ORG: Ass Beating Cops

    We take them to jail as a first resort, but usually they have friends that try to kill us before we reach the prison. Trust me I've been playing cop games for the longest time and if that happens that only pisses us off.
  11. ORG: Ass Beating Cops

    As long as you are non violent you will receive a fair punishement.
  12. Motor Cops

    Well if cops were riding motorcycles it would be easy for a car just to ram into them and make them fly off. Trust me I've played a hell of a lot of cop games and there will be people that would do that just for the hell of it.
  13. Fashion / clothing ideas

    Oh well, who knows then.
  14. Fashion / clothing ideas

    Yea I'm saying that on IMVU you had to spend real money on clothing but in the game you just spend in game money.
  15. ORG: Ass Beating Cops

    Yea no were legit, sometimes we just get carried away when we get trolled or when we get rdmed constantly that's kinda why I formed this group to make tougher cops.