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    This is the biggest cringe fest I've ever seen.
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    As an RPing criminal, I really do wish home invasions and robbery become a possibility. The reason robberies aren't as big of an issue as it is, in RL, is because most people have things insured. So I think that's the solution we need here. Have players buy home insurance, and assuming that everything goes right in the process, they'll either get their things back or get paid the amount they lost. Might I also suggest that people can only rob other people if they are online? For example, if a user goes offiline, there house is completely off limits. However, if they are online, home invasions should be completely allowed, therefore the user get's the chance to defend themselves and their property.
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    Hello my name is Baron Von Aurum and I would like to make a announcement regarding affiliation with The Neighborhood -------------------- I am pleased to announce that starting immediately Aurum Mining Corporation will be partnering with The Neighborhood Conglomerate --------------- As C.E.O. of Aurum Mining Corporation we here at Aurum hope that we can all prosper together as one If anyone who has joined the Conglomerate of The Neighborhood and needs any assistance whatsoever please feel free to contact me through PM Aurum Mining is looking towards increasing its employee count and affiliation with corresponding companies that can help our industry grow -----
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    just as an idea some people are very skilled in drawing through computers why not make this a type of career format as means of making money in game for tattoos or designs for homes/cars and any other type of customs
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    Temporary hierarchy of my family. We are a tight knit, loyal, and authentic crime family. Want to be part of the family? Read our family page and if you meet the requirements, keep in touch.
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    Super excited that I found this! So much more energy to bring here for you all
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    Is anyone else painfully Waiting for the game to come out? I feel as if I'm going to explode with excitement. I can't wait anymore but I guess I'll have to. Wish I could watch more Game play or something! Or had a count down date till the module came out. Ugh so excited!!!!
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    Alright for those that have dropped the 100$ and are getting a motorcycle - Or for those that plan to get a Motorcycle in the game - This could be a nice gig. My name it Rotnsoul, founder and president of The Vandals MC, a 1% MC Brotherhood for the Idenity game. I'm looking to put together some tough sons-a-bitches to start up a MC, those looking for brotherhood and family look no further. If you enjoy being on two wheels and riding is your passion then speak up. Lets grab a bear and talk. Now as most know life as a biker isn't an easy life but its a lot harder out there on your own. Finding that brotherhood you fit into, can't be replaced. A place to fit in people who don't judge and accept you, that is what I'm offering. Now this bike life isn't for everyone, we don't take snakes and snitches, no LEO allowed! Ride or Die - we stick it out for each other. SAMCRO don't have shit on us!
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    Now it was stated that this game won't level like most other mmo's so I was wondering how that would effect crafting. As someone who likes to spend lots of time creating things in games, I would like to see a level-like system so that you have something to work towards. I also would like to know more about how you would obtain the materials you need and if you are limited to choosing 'mining' or if you could mine and become a lumberjack. Please post any information you can release to us about how crafting will work.
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    okay, scooter brother! have a nice day, scooter brother!
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    Just Scooting, Scooter Brother.
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    You will get module access, beta access and full release.
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    what's up, scooter brother?!
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    Scooter Brothers for life.
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    sure. someone who uses a female's photo asks a question that has been asked multiple times and everyone acts like "oh, i'll answer and i'll get boobs". that's the most ridicilous thing ever (similar to falling in love in world of warcraft)
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    good luck and perhaps i'll see you on the roads. shimozukachi, president of scooter brothers
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    I find it pretty cooincidental that another conglomerate idea is posted only a few days after my own. Just out of curiosity what sort of experience do you have with the things you mentioned? Establishing something like this requires a lot of effort and explanation - people need to know the why partnering with you is beneficial to them. I dont think I really got that question answered through your presentation. Perhaps it would be in everyones best interest if you took a look at The Neighborhood im currently working on. I think youll find that a lot of our ideas and even future plans may be closely aligned with each other and maybe we can work together in a more favorable arrangement. If you want to run a business, I believe my organization will be THE place to do it. If your interests are dead set on the management of others role, then we can discuss the potential idea of one or both of you joining my board of advisers. Or if youd just like to continue with your own project, I wish you the best of luck. As of right now we have a Director of mining operations, a governor and potential business owner, the company I plan on running - on top of several undecided members who will find jobs in our organization and decide what they want to do etc. There are still many positions open and careers that we need filled, the more people who join us the more everyone profits.
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    Welcome to the community! Exciting isn't it!
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    I'm checking-in here as a new member of The Neighborhood. I invite you to consider joining us!
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    I think it would be hilarious if we could turn the lights on, run appliances, open all of the doors, open the toilet seat lids, leave the door open, et cetera. That's just the prankster in me, not saying that I support the ability to break and enter.
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    Started gaming at 8 huh, impressive! You are quite young, but I won't let that deter you from finding a home in our Neighborhood. I shall add you to the roster of our growing organization and publish it very soon, from there I will setup a discord server so we can start to meet and discuss ideas amongst each other. As long as you're not too young to be offended by some of the language you may see / hear and don't have a bad attitude - I have no problem with you joining! I look forward to seeing what you contribute to our society and the path that you carve for yourself within it.
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    Gene Smith Hopeful Future Governor I have accepted the offer of The Neighborhood and choose to work alongside my fellow businessmen. The Red Spade and The Chairman have your full support and hope to work well together in the future.
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    1: 14 2: New Zealand 3: 6 Years 4: No Idea 5: PvE 6: 24 Hours 7: Cheaper Materials and Advertising
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    lets say you payed 10$ and you want to upgrade to the 50$ pack it will only cost you 40$ so yes it will cost you the remaining price not the full price
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    I feel like there should be a real estate license as well. Not sure why, but I feel like the more realistic the game is, the more fun it'll be trying to juggle multiple things at once. It would be fun to see a simple taxi driver progress to a real estate tycoon and become very wealthy. On the other hand, I feel like there would be that one person trying to monopolize the entire real estate industry, and while it is realistic, it's not very fun.
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    I can't wait for this game to come out.
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    No mate I'm not leaving any time soon
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    Did you give up hope @Kickapoo? because this reply to this guy sounds like it is that way. A year is not long, 3 years is long! but at the same time; time flies by.... 1st module will be playable soon, me estimating max end of march.
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    Well obviously this was not a Role-Play server. You were probably playing some arcade game. If you didn't have to sign up with a background story and needed to have it accepted. You probably have not experienced a good Role-Play server properly. And i guarantee that you have not experienced a good Role-Play server to its full potential. As you would never be able to just go and "collect his gun" and "keep killing him", that i know for a fact is not an RP server.
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    I think you miss read "a penalty for murder".
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    The game will be rated 18 and well that's due to the content but it won't stop you o anyone under that age getting it because everyone's parents allow them to play R18 games, but if they don't it's too bad.
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    It's been a busy, eventful and productive month for the Identity team at Asylum! Only a few weeks ago we released our first video showing real in-game content, the player housing system, and Identity has gotten a good bit of much-needed exposure! If you haven't seen the video, visit Identity's YouTube channel. Our programmers, especially Henrik Sonesson, have upgraded our inventory mechanics and created two new important gameplay systems these last weeks. The library which you'll have access to in the Town Square module is now in place and functional. Players can both read public domain classic books in-game, or even write their own and submit them to the library for other players to read. In addition, the NPC shop systems are now in place. When you enter most shops you'll be able to find the items you need on racks or displays around the store. Grab what it is you're looking for and then make your way to the cash register to make the purchase. In some places you can preview the items you're holding even before buying; for example, in a clothing store you can go into a change room. This system even allows for shoplifting some items, although player-crafted or very expensive items cannot be shoplifted on official servers. On the art front, we've brought on new artists and are continuing to build the world you'll be exploring. We've also been focusing on the interiors of buildings and characters. We've gotten our first facial hair assets and are approaching a complete character customization system. An overhaul of character skin and hair has Identity's characters looking incredibly life-like in comparison to other MMORPGs. Next on that list for a re-work is the eyes.
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    They will be alerted and witnesses can call 911.
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    I can shed some light on this subject! There are three major cities in Identity's map, which consists of an island landmass of approximately 225 square kilometers, including a few smaller islands scattered around the coast. The terrain is roughly based on the South Eastern region of the United States, centered on the Carolina's where we were originally going to move our development office. We chose this area for it unique cultural and biome diversity. It's also important to know that the concept art image of the proposed island is simply an early proposal of the land mass. While the general shape of the island will remain close, it does not represent the current design our layout of the current map. The first and largest city, Roseport, is heavily influenced by a mix of Atlanta, GA, and NYC, NY. Atlanta is a great city but didn't quite fit the architecture design and building density we were aiming for, so we splashed a bit of New York City into the mix despite it being a bit further north than our focus range. Roseport is a hive for shady businesses and gangs operating out of low and middle income suburbs surrounding the busy downtown area. We suspect that this will be the place that most players in Identity call home. The second city, Ash Hill is a mountain town that is architecturally inspired by Asheville, NC. It sits perched up in Identity's western mountain range just below the frost line and is considered to be the wealthiest and cleanest living area in Identity. The Town Square module that most of you have seen by now and are eagerly awaiting is a small cutout of what Ash Hill will eventually become in Identity. Finally, the third major city, Turtle Beach is a more tropical waterfront city based on the real world's Myrtle Beach, GA, and is located south east on Identity's map. It is a great place to live for residents of Identity most interested in fishing and seafaring activities. I hope this answers some of your questions about these places!
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    Either a Police officer or a criminal who can get away with almost anything
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    I'm planning to have my carrer has a Police Officer
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    The maximum time is 45 minutes, for now! We'd maybe consider increasing it to a couple hours at most, depending on feedback and depending on how fun the prison gameplay is! If you switch between official servers, you will still be in prison, but on private servers that have their own databases, you get a clean slate, unless you were in prison last time you were on that particular private server. We may even count offline time as time served towards sentences.