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  1. In Identity i wanna be a.....

    Drug manufacturer! (probably in a RV or basement)
  2. Hello From Finland!

    Psssst I am playing it safe here! If they can't deliver in the first quarter, Wisp is going to be mad at me lol.
  3. Hello From Finland!

    Hey Wisp, Welcome to the community! The dev's are currently working on the first module! Which we will expect in the first half of 2017. Pleasure to meet you. ~ ScrewGravity
  4. Greetings from Italy!

    Welcome to the community! I hope so too! Hope the first module come's out this quarter of the year. See ya around. ~ ScrewGravity
  5. That the search warrent is not going to be a thing is a bummer. But hey you can't have everything in life, right?
  6. I think (I'm not sure though) that tasers will be in the game and cops will need a warrent for searching houses and cars, because this game will be mostly based on real life. Sooo yeah I think that there will be tasers and cops needing a warrent to search houses and vehicles.
  7. Are you (after you knock someone out) going to be-able to put them in your car trunk or something like that?
  8. Is there going to be kidnapping in this game, because I thought I heard it somewhere. And if there is going to be kidnapping. How is this all going to work? Can people get: zip tied, knocked out, blindfolded?
  9. Greetings From Miami Florida

    Welcome to the community! Exciting isn't it!
  10. Wikipedia Game
  11. Hi y'all

    Thanks guys!
  12. Hi y'all

    Hi everybody, My name is Nick and I'm from the Netherlands. I found out about this game through one of my friends and when I first saw and read everything about Identity I fell in love with the concept and the work that had already been done. I'm still in school so nothing special to tell you guys about me apart from that I love to play games including RPG's. I am going to buy the game for sure! Nice meeting all you people. Hope to see you guys when the game is finished (or in beta testing of course). ~ Nick