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  1. There is no System Requirement yet. ( i could be wrong but dont think so.) But if you can play Arma3 and GTA V like @brians999 already mentioned you should be able to play Identity too.
  2. In the past few days.. even weeks i see more of the "older" Community Members getting more and more salty in the way they talk to other Community Members. I dont think this should be tolerated. Everyone is a Human in this Forum and i realy think we can talk to each other without using any insults no matter in which way or for what reason. I personaly dont want to see this Community slowly but surely turning into a Saltmine. If you feel angry and you cant answer someones Idea or Question friendly, dont even type anything. Just keep everything to yourself and dont make someones day worse than it maybe already is. I dont want to name anyone and therefore i wont give any examples. If you feel addressed maybe check everything you posted in the last few days and maybe you have to apologize to someone. And now all look at this little Bunny and be happy
  3. It was once even worse than operation health ^^
  4. I do not have to proof you anything. Ubisoft and I know that i wasnt using any cheats but they are too lazy to unban me. Its not the first time they banned someone who wasnt hacking and they took even a statement to the time where i was banned that many got banned because FairFight wasnt completed for the game. So for example if you played with Pulse back then when FairFight was introduced you could get banned. And exactly thats what happened to me.
  5. I dont think so but i never saw someone talking about.. Maybe @LuckyDuck could answer that already but im not sure about that. If there is no answer to it just ask it in the next Stream.
  6. Its ok ^^ just wanted to inform you that most questions are already asked & answered. Also read both FAQ´s maybe some questions will fall away. Extended FAQ Other FAQ
  7. Please use the search function because realy much is already asked and also answered by the Moderators. ( BTW i quoted @JamesLuck01 )
  8. @twinquick66
  9. @PhoenixFury stop beeing a saltshaker m8. A freaking Ammo Counter has nothing to search in this game. If you cant count up to 7 or 30 its not my fault. A ammo HUD is something only people who cant count or are too lazy need. If you cant just count the bullets you shot, go and play MW. Its a little stupid to compare eating and perma death with a Ammo HUD. Its not about making the game with that hyperrealistic its about making it better.
  10. Please let Identity not learn from APB except from their many mistakes.
  11. Lets all put the Salt back into the pocket @PhoenixFury and just talk normal. I hope there will be no HUD that shows your bullets & mags left because IRL there isnt something like that. Its like Battlefield Hardcore, count on your own or die. #Liked
  12. Well my friend but you cant call someone a hacker if himself and 9 other people can show that - clearly - he had no hacks.
  13. @JagjeetEpic i will help you
  14. Wishing someone Cancer isnt realy a good thing because cancer still is not a thing of the past and every day too many people die on cancer or get diagnosed with cancer... Im not supporting statements like this. And yes they banned me it is - apparently - a thing to get banned in a custom match. But i dont care anymore. My money is gone i wont see it ever again and so i know i will next time not buy a Ubisoft game where you can get banned because its BS.
  15. Others will do that too... so... yeah ^^