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  1. Welcome to the Community @ImPogo ! I hope you have a great time here and find new friends! oh, btw here are some usefull links: FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty ( You should take a look at them ) If you have any Questions feel free to ask, but maybe try to search your question with the Searchbar on top right!
  2. Welcome! Ducks surely love you!
  3. Hii

    Welcome to the Community! I see Brian once again was a little quicker with the links but thats fine I wish you a great time here in the Forums.
  4. Because it wont move until the TSM ( TOWN SQUARE MODULE) releases and, oh before you ask: No there is no Release Date on the Module. You can see the progress happening in the streams and also in the NEW SCREENSHOTS *UPDATED* thread, because screenshots of new stuff will be uploaded there. And please, i know some people cant wait but there are MANY posts - most of them already closed- about the same thing and so there shouldnt be any need to post another one. Just take some Tea and a Butterbread and wait... even if its longer than usual.
  5. I know that there are a few Threads about the same thing.. at least about the Aging for sure. I never saw any answer on those questions so yeah idk. But my guess is: it will be added in the full game later on.
  6. - Deleted -
  7. Welcome to the Community! i hope you have a great time here! Here are some usefull links: FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty Feel free to ask any Questions you have but please try to search it up first with the Seachbar in the upper right corner. Because many Questions already got asked and answered.
  8. gang

    Then go on and PM me with informations about you
  9. sounds like pokémon
  10. Let me introduce myself to you, i am Ragnar ( as you may already know ). Im the leader of the Sovngarde and i can offer you an spot in our rows. Maybe take a look at my Thread about the Sovngarde because there is more info ^^
  12. i think positive about Radar guns getting added in the final game but im not in the possition to say if it will be added or not. Maybe @LuckyDuck or @HairyGrenade knows more about that ( sry for tagging you Lucky and Hairy :c )
  13. Welcome to the Community! I wish you a great time here and hope you stick with us until the game is released
  14. @jaredwii its unfortunately that it takes so long, but im sure you will get your refund. A good tipp: change the password and remember it, but dont write it down! I´m sure its not on purpose that you didnt got your refund yet, but please - and yes i know thats a standart excuse- keep in mind many people ask for refund and the Devs also have other stuff to do than to do all the refunds.