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  1. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    As far as i´ve seen no Moderator has yet answered nor any dev. You wonder why? well, my guess is that they are gone. I hope im wrong and that they will prove me wrong asap but that wont happen. Those who spend more than 50$ should realy ask for a refund, because it can be gone already. And even if the game Puplishes you can still spend the money back into the game again. Not everything should be supported for such a long time by such a big growd. They show 0 process. The little graph thing added is crap and does show me that 90% is not done yet. The last video they did was crap too. Someone could do a better job with GTA V directors mode. Sure games take time but i only see delays and excuses that make no fishing sence.
  2. Refund Request

    So, im a long runner in this whole thing but im out now. There is too much delay but not realy any progress you could be proud of - None at least i´ve ever seen here or in the streams- so i request a refund even tho i´ve only pledged 30$ i need that money for RL more than i do for this whole "project" Who ever of the Team is responsible for Refund please get into contact with me via PM so i can send you my E-Mail and other informations needed. just to be sure here something ahead: Thanks. Have a great time.
  3. I think what he means - at least i would mean it that way- is that its just so they can hold the people longer. because they can see the "progress" and what still is going thru work. Its in my eyes a useless feature that wasted 10 minutes of someones time just to be created. I will soon make a refund request since this game is not going to happen and i´ve kept my promise that i come back when the old release (today) should´ve happen but since it got delayed again it proved my last Threat to be true. Maybe in a few years they manage to get the First module out maybe not (i think not lol) If they manage it ill for sure buy it again even if its more expensive in the future but for kept promises i pay. For delaying and not realy showing REAL progress i dont.
  4. Release..?

    Dont get hyped like the rest of us. if its done its done. i already can tell April wont happen..
  5. Can I get a headcount?

    if im im correct its : 23753
  6. So after i just saw that the game got Delayed again this is my end. I will not check the forums anymore (except on the last day of April) im tired of this. Promised too much : given almost nothing. Last video wasnt any good either so well... BAIIIII everyone and have a great time waiting for this ( maybe it happens in 2020 or at the first puplic opened Space Station, who knows.) I was right. It was just like Interstellar Marines.
  7. you cant yet. wait till the 21st of this month.
  8. Hi I'm Fluttershy

    Welcome to the Community! If you have any questions you can always search in the right top corner if it already got asked or if it didnt, you just ask the Community ;-) Also im a leader of one of the many Gangs, you´re welcome to join in if you want ^^ OH BTW here are some links ( i hope they are not Outdated yet wasnt active a VERY long time) FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty
  9. Super Power Game

    Limit: You only can say bad things about yourself except noone is listening My Power: timetravel
  10. Lets see if they manage to get it done to the date they gave us. i dont think so but who knows. The few Design streams they do are not realy much tbh. YES even I start to get annoyed and im thinking of requesting an refund.
  11. Hey! I'm Hugo

    Welcome to the Community @ImPogo ! I hope you have a great time here and find new friends! oh, btw here are some usefull links: FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty ( You should take a look at them ) If you have any Questions feel free to ask, but maybe try to search your question with the Searchbar on top right!
  12. Finally saying Hello

    Welcome! Ducks surely love you!
  13. Hii

    Welcome to the Community! I see Brian once again was a little quicker with the links but thats fine I wish you a great time here in the Forums.
  14. Why is Town Square stuck at 89%?

    Because it wont move until the TSM ( TOWN SQUARE MODULE) releases and, oh before you ask: No there is no Release Date on the Module. You can see the progress happening in the streams and also in the NEW SCREENSHOTS *UPDATED* thread, because screenshots of new stuff will be uploaded there. And please, i know some people cant wait but there are MANY posts - most of them already closed- about the same thing and so there shouldnt be any need to post another one. Just take some Tea and a Butterbread and wait... even if its longer than usual.