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  1. Hello! I know its going to be difficult but, someone from Spain/South America? We could probably create a Discord server Actualizacion Ya he creado un Discord podeis ir a uniros, poco a poco ire añadiendo mas cosas!
  2. Prostitution?

    And imagine your parents just come to in your room and hear you making those sounds...
  3. What date will Pledges go up in price?

    I think they will go up when the Town Square is released PD: I wish i could be the The VIP
  4. Hello!

    Hello and welcome to Identity! Im not sure about plans too, nut im not good with shooting, so I probably just be a civilian, work on a shop, factory.... I really dont know
  5. Hi new to site.

    Hey @charlespayne welcome to Identity Forums! See you in the Town Square!
  6. Thoughts on the release date?

    I wish it was earlier but, i understand why is so late, and i really don't mind waiting for this great RPG.
  7. Hotels

    Yeah, specially at the beginning, when you get your Job you wont have an apartment for a few weeks i would say, depending on the job. And i prefer to stay a few nights in a hotel than in my car lol
  8. Hi I'm Jon :)

    Hey John welcome to Identity Forums! And yeah I cant wait for Houses customizations. As well as the Karaoke that is going to be in TownSquare
  9. Hotels

    I like the idea, like @Dominic_ said you cant edit the map, but they could be some already built hotels and you can apply for a Hotel Manager, is that possible?
  10. Lmao Animtion gone wrong

  11. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    The beatufill Nissan GTR 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
  12. Hello from South UK

    Hi Kieran! Welcome to the Identity Community! Hope to see you in the Town Square!
  13. One more Peter

    Welcome! Brother Peter;) haha. See you in the Town Square!
  14. Male, Norway

    Hey! Welcome to the comunity! From Norway! Looking forward to play! See you in the Twon Square!