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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- About us -------------------------------------------------- Folie is one of the leading high fashion luxury goods manufacturers based in Identity Island. We specialize in Luxury leather goods, Clothing and Shoes such as Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Coats, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Stocking, Boots, Heels, Flats and Sneakers. We offer a variety of additional services in store to ensure the best shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Additional services -------------------------------------------------- Custom Designs If you are looking for a certain Size, Pattern or Shape we offer custom Clothing, Handbags and Shoes. You can submit your design to one of our associates or work personally with one of our specially trained designers. Personal Shoppers If you don't have the time to come into our store or but still want a personalized experience we offer specially trained Personal Shoppers who will select items that would match your requests and will have them delivered to you. Food & Drink We offer a selection of exclusive food and drink made by our professional chefs to ensure a comfortable shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Our Products -------------------------------------------------- Dresses Coats Suits Shoes Sneakers Boots Heels Handbags -------------------------------------------------- Prices -------------------------------------------------- Handbags 1000-1,000,000+ Jewelry 150-1,000,000+ Clothing 60-50,000 Shoes 150-35,000 -------------------------------------------------- Jobs -------------------------------------------------- -Designer- 3 -Photographer- 5 -Model- 6 -Security- 6 -Delivery- 4 -Sales Associate- 15 -P.R- 1 -Intern- 3 -Director of Finance - 1 -Model Scout- 2 Message Bella_B to apply for a job! ------------------------------------------------------------- Store Location ------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    OMG i feel dum lol thank you
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    Dion, The Ink Spots, RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lot more
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    is there going to be playable games for ex. pac-man or mario like the old arcade games???
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    I'm not really a handbag type of guy, but I'm very interested in what a handbag of 1,000,000 would look like
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    First of all everyone is waiting and has invested in money like you and we are waiting patiently so you can too. Yea we want info too but I can say that MoTown has been working on it but has been too busy to finish it yet. Paratus has got to do his part for the video to be finished and so that video is on his plate.
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    that's exactly what an alien would say!
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    Beyonce is great I listed to her a few times. Oh yeah the Thriller is awesome
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    It's funny isn't it, the amount of ignorance on the internet. Just two minutes looking came up with this........ Dragon Age Origins (2004-09) 5 years to develop Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind (1996-2002) 6 years to develop L.A. Noire (2004-2011) 7 years to develop ............and the list is huge, over 30 games that took five years or more to get out, most of them from huge developers with decades of experience in making games. And yet here you are, like the other self proclaimed experts, telling us 'facts' that in reality, you just made up in your head because you do not have the first clue what you are talking about. As for the rest, you guys REALLY need to stop replying to these posts, open your eyes, see the three themes that run through them all (no video, Motown is a scammer,and the awful english) and work the rest out for yourselves.
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    Those were just the first things that came to my mind. Here are my playlists with my favorite songs. (just click the top left, the three bars!)
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    Im pretty interested in joining this MC! Defiantly like the style.
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    If we're going with just a singular artist and not bands, I'd have to say mine is Beyonce. I know it's a little cliche but her voice is just so amazing even in person. Plus she's an inspiration to African American women everywhere! I'm also really into Childish Gambino lately if any of you are into rap, and Darwin Deez is great. MJ is pretty cool too, I love Thriller
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    The literal easiest solution is to just show a couple minutes of footage, they're either too stubborn to just do it or full of shit. There is no way they could have been developing for nearly two years and not be able to show a few minutes of footage.
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    if it's that easy: buy me a panzerfaust 3
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    Welcome to our community @Ariasunshine! It's incredible seeing so many people here from so many different places.
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    Remember this is a kickstarter not a announced game that was funded by just investors. People who have put money into this game want to see progress. If you kickstarter any other game you will realize that this kickstarter has been lacking on the content. I'm all for giving developers time but show me a few screenshot and a video every one and awhile.
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    I have already answered people like you saying they don't care about there community. Its reality that games get delays and also its a reality that not all deadlines get met on time so stop complaining.
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    Just try to have fun in the meantime. Its not like this is the only game on earth. For example, I have made my MC into a GTA crew and we having tonnes of fun on there while awaiting the release of Identity.
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    That's the dumbest and most bullshit post I've ever seen, period!