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  1. Delay announced by Motown

    Y'all are a fucking joke, and I hope the same few guys that have been defending the team every time they delay something feel ashamed. Your team has lost every ounce of trust I've had, its truly pathetic that you have yet to live up to a single promise you've given the community in the years this forum has been up.
  2. "It will be days not weeks"

    Censorship is real, poor moderation with the only answer being deleting anything that seems confrontational in the slightest, this was not a thing on the forums previously but it seem they're catering to flowers now. this is my last comment here, i'll continue talking as i please on twitter where the kids cant touch my comments.
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    March 21st.
  4. Identity Hype

    No one said otherwise, doesn't mean it's beyond criticism.
  5. Identity Hype

    There is nothing to apologize for, they have a track record for letdowns and all I'm saying is I hope they live up to what they said this time.
  6. Identity Hype

    Boy I hope this to be the first date they actually hit, not even the module date but them actually making the announcement in the next 5 days. I'm skeptical as usual but still hoping.
  7. Uhm, why?

    The fact you posted this thread is full of irony.
  8. Things that would make Beta 500x better.

    Real music is already confirmed via radio. Real cars very likely will not happen but cars based on real ones will.
  9. Has there been any mention since they said it was delayed? We were suppose to have it before last months blog and now this months blog is getting close. Is the video release anywhere in sight?
  10. DevBlog what time it is today?

    Nice in game screenshots. Im curious though, no mention of the trailer mentioned in the last dev blog that was expected to be out before this dev blog. didnt really expect it to be out before this one but its weird its received no mention. Hope it still getting released soon.
  11. DevBlog what time it is today?

    Well i'll be posting the devblog once i receive it. Pretty sure none of us who donated give a shit about getting devblogs more than a month in advance. Everyone should see the progress, our reward is early access to the game and should stay at that.
  12. DevBlog what time it is today?

    Just post it, they fucked up on sending out the emails, if your thread gets deleted it gets deleted.
  13. Dev Blog #008

    Nah man "These final two interiors are being created by our artists as we speak, and are the last environments required for Town Square's release" that's great news.
  14. Can´t see Devblog #5

    What is he talking about "last months dev blog"? haven't seen one since February.
  15. Can´t see Devblog #5

    Ya, moment we get a date, i'll be donating, been sitting on it for 2 years.