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  1. servers

    They won't be available until full release of the game.
  2. Is this a scam or a game

    You're completely right, we are going to use all the feedback we receive to change/fix different aspects, but right now the game isn't out so criticizing different things won't do anything.
  3. Still no updates?

    Yep, it won't always update at the same time or whenever you want it to, please be patient, they do a good job at keeping it updated.
  4. Still no updates?

    The developers don't work over the weekend so it won't update for 2 days. Yesterday a task was moved to testing.
  5. 2 or 3 days now!!

    The tracker was updated today and a task in gameplay programming was completed
  6. Buying a passport

    Glad to hear!
  7. Buying a passport

    Yes @whitehorn, it's processed as a "donation" so you are fine! If you go here and see pledge rewards at the bottom like so, then you are good to go!
  8. My bad! Yes, twitch streams and youtube videos will be embedded in the game, so this would work.
  9. Unfortunately there won't be working live cameras as they are too much to network and could cause huge performance issues.
  10. Town square info

    Until beta, so a long time!
  11. New Fallout?

    I'm pretty hyped to see what they bring to the table. A Conan Exiles/Ark type game from a AAA studio? Yes please!
  12. Town Square Release what can we do

    There will be no jobs in the Town Square module. Activities available to you include, karaoke bar when you can order food, sing, or go to the restroom, cinema to watch real movies and eat popcorn, cell phone to add friends in the game. Art gallery to display your paintings along with a library where you can write books, visit the bike shop and clothing store, play chess, hang out with other players in the square, and apartment customization! Please take a second to use the search function as a lot about the game has already been answered.
  13. Town Square Video Preview

    There sure will be!
  14. Town Square Video Preview

    Greetings everyone! The Twitch VOD of John showcasing character creation and the Town Square has been uploaded to the Identity YouTube!
  15. In Town Square.....

    I have been released from the dungeon.