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  1. Account E-Mail change

    Unfortunately I can only do it on the forums so you'll need to message @Paratus
  2. Account E-Mail change

    Hey @SanNick, are you wanting to change your email on the forums or the main website?
  3. Introduction - Zoex

    Welcome Zoex! Glad you're interested in Identity!
  4. Hello everyone, With the growth of activity and forum users, we are looking to add some more moderators for the Identity forum. If you are interested in being the next moderator, please private message me with the following details: Message Subject - Forum Moderator Application Content: Name, age, languages you speak, how much do you know about Identity, how much do you know about the forum rules, any past experience on forum moderation, why do you think you can be a good moderator, how much time you can spend on forum moderation, more about you to get to know you better, what would be the first thing you would do as a new moderator, and anything else related you can think of.   New Moderators will be announced after few days of taking applications. Those who previously messaged me about their interest please enter the application in such a way.  I will consider each application but here are few things that can give you an advantage or indicate a red light: Advantages: 1. Forum activity 2. Positive interaction posts/comments 3. Well put application 4. Past experience 5. High involvement on the forums 6. Age/maturity   Red lights: 1. Previous warning points 2. Very new forum profiles 3. Low activity on the forum 4. Negative forum interactions with other users, etc.   Thank you and I look forward to finding the right fit to ensure the best experience on the Identity forum. We will also be preparing a moderator guide as well as instructions for the newly selected moderators.  
  5. Name change

  6. Refund

    Contact [email protected] for a refund. 
  7. Identity receipt

    When you pledge through PayPal only they send you an email receipt. If I were you, I'd pin and star it as important. Maybe even take a screenshot.

    It is still being decided. 
  9. Newsletter

    You should automatically be subscribed to it once you pledge. 
  10. Servers

    Jobs won't carry over, pledge rewards will.
  11. One Very Pissed Off Customer

    His email is  [email protected] JamesLuck01 likes this  Like this
  12. Name change

    That name is too long and won't let me put spaces in names.
  13. We take down corrupt politicians.

  14. casino in townsquare

    The casino will not be in the Town Square Module.
  15. Payment

    Was your issue resolved?