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  1. Introducing and Question.

    When the first module is ready you can play it as long as you pledged $30 or more. 
  2. To: Project Lead and Team

         I was reading all about Identity and I must say not only am I impressed but finally have hope again for the MMORPG world again. I started with MUDD games and progressed to Everquest and have played most since but they have all lacked the captivating quality of freedom to do as you please that is getting harder and harder to find. Your vision from what I understand is unique and in my opinion slated to change this drastically. I heard about you tonight through some of my gaming friends while I was streaming so you are most certainly making waves and becoming known. Please keep up the good work. 

        I noticed where you said to let you know if we had thought of any other types of Corporations that we could think of. I have thought of a few and decided to do as you ask and share them.

         The first Corporation would be an Entertainment Corp. You could have people shooting film and posting it on forums for the computers in the people residences as well as when you gain higher levels news anchors ever for crimes and ever reporters trying for interviews of the police and possible eye witnesses.  

         The second type of corporation I was thinking of would be the service industry. You hit on this in some parts with the transportation and manufacturing. What about things like the trash service because that could also add quite a bit to the crime and law enforcement areas. if there was evidence to get rid of and the trash with it was already taken then that particular piece o evidence that made the case easier to solve is now gone. Criminals could coordinate their crimes to coincide with the disposal services as well. Another service industry could be utilities. If you want electricity and water you pay your bills and the meter guys have to go from house to house reading meters for their job which makes for more eye witnesses in areas of higher residential crime and gives more jobs to people. 

         Another Corporation would be commercial farmers. If you have food markets I am sure that people need to get their produce and meats from some where. If you put a spoilage time on food goods then there would still be plenty of demand for the large and small farmers. The large just get higher profits for being in a corporation and can get access to better more efficient farming implements. 

    Another type of corporation could be security corporations. The police have the ability to arrest and such but for things like jewelry stores banks and such you can hire security guards to be there to try to protect your assets and they wont get in trouble with the law if they are doing their job when they get in fights or take criminals down. The also gives the law corporations more people to represent. and means the security corporations need the law enforcement to come in and finish the job.

    These are just a few off hand that I thought of. If they help great, if not thanks for reading the material. Unfortunately I am sorry I am not able to donate to the funding of this project as much as I would like to because as a disabled veteran I have not been able to find gainful employment so I am trying to get a streaming job going. Please don't let this color your opinion of these ideas. I only said this because I don't know if you are able to tell if I have or have not donated and weed out letters read that way. (I have known start up companies that have done this.) I write to you because I think you are doing an amazing job and look forward to finding money and being able to experience the amazing product you are developing. 

    Thank you, 


     P.S. I think you guys are the last hope for a good MMORPG

  3. Name Change

  4. account name change

    What do you want your forum name changed to.
  5. No access

    Hey there @ROOTtv, What are you trying to access that requires an activation?
  6. Yes, but money in Identity will be somewhat realistic to the real world, so it's not much, but it's a nice little headstart. Those are pledge rewards, once the first module releases the rewards will change and you won't be able to buy in-game money with real money.
  7. The $15 pledge only gets you full release, anything above that will get you module access and beta access when available. This game will not be pay to play, you can buy some apartments and cosmetic stuff with real money, but not any in-game money so you can't get an advantage over players.
  8. Can I upgrade my pledge?

    If you log in to the shop account on the main site you will have an upgrade option instead of purchase and it will subtract what you've already paid, so yes.
  9. Website account name change?

    PM me the username you'd like it changed to and I'll have him change it for you.
  10. Drug dealer

    Yes you can make your own drugs and will need the right ingredients. Something may happen using the wrong ones
  11. Weird, it's worked for everyone else.
  12. Try this one.
  13. VR Support

    Hey there! Take a look at this thread.
  14. Housing in Town Square Module?

    Oh my bad! I believe you have to purchase a package in order to.
  15. Housing in Town Square Module?

    Yes! You will be able to enter and customize your apartment in the first module!