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  1. Question.

    The developers update it when they hit a big milestone in development. With the expected release date of the first module in March, it may be increased soon. 
  2. Lenguage

    Yes multiple languages will be available. 
  3. First Module

    There's no exact date, but right now it's expected in March.
  4. question about billing

    Hey there @Mburdette, I'll forward this to Motown so he can look into it. Can you PM me the email you used.
  5. How do you increase your reputation points?

    When people like your replies or posts it will increase. 
  6. ign name change request.

  7. ign name change request.

    If you're wanting your name changed on the main website and no here on the forums I don't think any of us can do that. 
  8. Name change

  9. help

    Did you create an account on there? Your account on the forum and the shop website are 2 different ones, they aren't linked. 
  10. i paid the $30. how do i know my account is paid for?

    You're welcome!
  11. i paid the $30. how do i know my account is paid for?

    If you're asking how you know whether you got your rewards or not log in here and you will see them at the bottom. 
  12. How to link accounts

    There is no way to link them as they are 2 separate accounts. 
  13. Problem with pledge purchase

    Your forum account and account on the main website are 2 separate ones. You will need to create an account here.
  14. Linking my E-mail

    You can use the same email for both!
  15. General additions that would make the game great.

    No houseboats on launch, maybe after!