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  1. Requirments

    It's too early to tell what specs you will need, but if you can run games like Ark, GTA 5 or ArmA 3 then you will be fine. The modules will be easy to run on most computers.
  2. Some questions

    All of these are a yes except a few. Cannot give debit card away or drivers license, there won’t be types of walks and no idea what the computer system will look like for police.
  3. Discord server?

    We have banned you due to the fact that we gave you multiple warnings, but you continued doing what we told you not to, and egging it on. Sorry, but no unban for now atleast.
  4. A GYM!!!!

    There won't be visible effects from working out on release, but it is planned to be implemented afterwards.
  5. Player Store Clerks

    There are no pledge houses, only apartments. There will be no payments on apartments besides the purchasing price.
  6. Player Store Clerks

    Right now it takes a month of no payments to lose your house.
  7. The hotel room will have VERY little storage and basically no customization options. It’s not a place you’ll want to be in for too long. Don’t believe you will get it back after selling apartment.
  8. You will customize your character and give him/her a name. Once you've done that you get a hotel room until you can afford an apartment or house. You don't start with money unless you pledged to receive some.
  9. Redund

    Hey! I'll get with @Beach_Ball about this today! Can you PM him your account ID from the main website along with your username and email used to pledge? All this can be found here! Thanks!
  10. Try now, I looked into your account.
  11. RV Usage

    It is driveable so you don't necessarily NEED to cook meth in it all the time.
  12. Early next year before town square module.