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    What would you like it changed to?
  2. This module will remain playable and receive updates until the launch of the beta.
  3. Essentially, yes. Apartment customization is the big gameplay piece though.
  4. Buying Beta Access

    You won't be able to use your steam wallet for the modules or beta. Only full release.
  5. Hate to say this.. but I'd like a refund.

    You'll need to contact @Beach_Ball
  6. Beta access/Release

    Hey there, thanks for you interest in Identity! No one has access currently, but the first module, the Town Square, will release March 21. More info here!
  7. Just now seeing this post, thanks guys! You're all too kind <3
  8. French topic or part on the forum

    Hey there @Elpokiito, right now we don't plan on adding a French section of the forums due to simply us not being able to moderate them because none of us speak French.
  9. Right now the focus is PC, but Mac is planned after release

    Asylum Entertainment would like to present to you, the first look at Identity's gameplay trailer, giving you a vertical slice of what you can expect from the upcoming MMORPG
  11. SWAT Training Place

    There won't exactly be training for this, but to become a SWAT member you need to complete a quick tutorial.
  12. Changing main account email

    Hey there, shoot @Beach_Ball a message about this, he can assist you!
  13. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Hey there, the first module will be released March 21 and will feature VOIP, friends list via cell phone, character customization, karaoke bar to sing or order some food, the Cinema where you can watch real movies, play chess, go shopping and look around the Town Square and the biggest one, apartment customization, everyone will be given an apartment to change the look of! You need to pledge $30 or more for access to the modules.

    This game will be on PC only. After release we'll look into consoles, but no promises.