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  1. Only a few more day

    Well you guys have lost my trust and respect, and i do not belive a word you say. PROVE IT OR GTFO!
  2. Mein Traum (TTP)

    A open letter to "The Totalitarian Party" (TTP) We like what you are trying to do here, but this government type leaves a bad taste in our mouth for some od resson. Something dose not sit well with us and ECorp will not be endorsing the TTP at this time. Futhermore ECorp is for a free and open market. And in your statement for healthcare, military, major transport or anything in the core fundamental aspects and industries of society, ECorp is of the opinion that with this goverment the wealth and power, will lie with the few Elite`s and not with the people. History shows that a totalitarian regime is unsustainable for a longer period of time and always leads to war prosecution and more bloodshed. Futhermore we implore the people of this great nation to stand above a totalitarian regime that will infringe on our rights to seek happiness, prosperity and the persut of wealth. We at ECorp will always strive for equality, fairness and opportunity for all. We will leave you at that, with the best of luck and a dier warning. (ECorp will deploy its private military branch to defend these rights and the people of this great nation. Acording with the laws of the land, and the consent of the people.) Best Regards ECorp Your company, your friend, your future. No statement in this thread can at any time construed as ECorp ever would have anything to do with any illegal action. There can be no legal grounds for suspicion or guilt for this sole purpose. Anything read between the lines is the sole views perceived, even if they are true. - ECorp Legal Firm -
  3. Only a few more day

    @POLYGAMER96 : I think that we are all a bit on edge am not negative am critical witch should be a good thing. The facts are the facts and everything would calm down if they just address the community they ignore them in stream and on forums. They hint at delay in last stream and fall trough on promises, at some point its not ok anymore. @PRESTON_BODHI_343 : You nailed my point! @HARRY1 : Yes we are all rooting for them and this game, they just need to throw this community a bone.
  4. Only a few more day

    Way can they not just give a reply to the community? It shows total disregard for there community, lack of respect and it is unprofessional at best. @Beach_Ball, @Motown, @Paratus In my humble opinion its time for you guys to address your community\ costumers. I assume you will be taking the weekend off so where is the promised trailer and website? That WAS promised BEFORE 23rd? Thank you!
  5. Only a few more day

    Yes we where talking at work today as well. We are 12 including me and we all will be refunding if its delays only for a day. after 3 years we are losing faith in Asylum.
  6. 5 days ..

    Well i realy don`t care ether way, but seemed you where trying to ignore him. And then he was met with personal attacks instead of the explanation you just gave me. Only reason i said anything is because at work my college said the same thing thats all and it made it into the post. It came across hostile is what am saying and that is always a bad sign..
  7. A strong, safe, stable greeting to you all.

    What's your [email protected] would need to know more about your policy`s. As a major business owner i need to know we are getting our money worth.
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    If i came across as negative that is not my point. Yes am sceptical and critical, but anyone should be. Denfenetly not a hater, i try to be constructive with my feedback, but am also going to speak my mind. Thats how progress and change happen in my humble opinion. @NARC I realize that i was just trying to make a "funny point".
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Been chilling for 3 years now, am chilled out, time to get the hype train going.
  10. 5 days ..

    That is my worry to, i mean as someone how been working professionally with UE 4 for the last 3 years. I have to say it makes no sence what so ever, the only resson i can think of is that they don`t have anything: My bet is that Monday will come and totoly quiet until forums light up and they are forced to tell us. We wont be able to xxx an it is delayed, Town Square has to be in a engine project by now so way no screenshots? We will see on monday notice someone asked about in stream 2 days ago. He was bullied and harassed by the mods in the channel for asking a valid question. If that is how Asylum is going to behave to questions am even more skeptic.
  11. Houses in town square

    You get access to everything in TS apartment\ hotel or pledge apartment if you hae one. Town Square is like a socialists dream everything is free provided for you. lol
  12. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    They call them screenshots but they are pre renders from Maya\ 3D Max. Ergo not real screenshots but renders the stuff you see here wont even look the same in-game. As when shaders and post-processing effects are applied it all looks different. And way do you feel the need to insult people, did i hit a nerv? Did you suddenly realize you are being cheated? Fact is the only gameplay video we have is made with UE 4 template projects.
  13. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Not bad just sad, if you read the reddit you see how bad the opinions are. They should do some damage control i want to see this succeed. But it wont if the web blows up with delay memes for Identity and scam rumors. People are calling Identity for a scam, don`t you think devs should do some damage control? Just all they need to do is show som REAL work.
  14. Blacklisting Companys

    Lol sounds so stupid when you say it like that. Did not think about the factory part of the mechanics. Thanks for the reply. Best Regards ECorp