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  1. paintball

    Maybe it will be a feature one day, but I highly doubt it'll be with the initial release
  2. Although I will be a clean and honest citizen on the outside, I will be offering assassination services to those who can afford it. This will simply consist of you discreetly giving me a name and payment (which I will estimate based on the target). Also, this will be a no-questions-asked contract, at least as long as I get my money. You will be able to pay in multiple times, but I might change target if I don't get my payment as a whole if you see what I mean... Don't worry though, I'm a pretty nice person, so there shouldn't be any issue as long as you don't cause one To give you an idea, prices will vary from a couple hundred for a basic citizen to a couple thousand if the target is bigger. Payment will be as fair as possible, which means I'll ask for the first half of it as a pre-payment (for me to make the move), and for the second half of it as a post-payment (if I succeed at eliminating the target, of course). May you and I make interesting deals together! P.S: If it is possible, I will also have an inventory pickup option in the contract, done by myself, or by one of my henchmen if I hire some (which I will carefully choose if I ever do).
  3. But criminal activities shouldn't be as easy to carry as legal ones, don't you think?
  4. Well, I'll crust you not to get offended, otherwise things could get toasty. Also, I loaf the cat on your profile picture! What bread is it?
  5. I think that is to be discussed more privately then
  6. Oh well, I guess I should learn to formulate hypothesises then ^^
  7. Maybe detectives will have a trace of the scene, with indications about the scene itself and marks on the ground for pieces of evidence and the body?
  8. Well, I was thinking about a lot of things, but I'll definitely be an "honest" citizen with some illegal activities on the side... Probably assassinations and meth, which would be quite thrilling And on the meth side, I was thinking of some kind of agreement about no aggression in exchange for a cooperation for stocks, production, and so on... Would you be interested? Contract terms could be changed a little, but that would be the idea
  9. Come on, that's like writing on a school wall that you want better grades...
  10. fourm game

    Wow, I can't believe I got coffee right Next sentence: The excitement about the release of Identity is real!
  11. fourm game

    Betty bought butter but she said this butter is bitter I actually didn't think I'd get it right, let alone remembering it correctly! => I'd like a cloud of milk with my coffee.
  12. Glad you got my point in the end