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  1. Just posting this really quickly to gather some opinions about the upcoming release. 2018 is here, and it means we are just three months away from the release! How are you all feeling?
  2. You should try and take the challenge
  3. Letting Agent?

    Yeah, I meant Agent as a shortened version of the Letting Agent. I still have no idea about that job being available or not
  4. Time For A Debate

    @BrianHamilton Hello! I've been absent for quite some time, isn't that a new profile picture you got there?
  5. Human Hunters

    You seem quite confident, we'll see how you hold up with that in-game ^^
  6. I'm not into politics, but you got quite the acronym here I wonder if party members will be called fappers ô.o
  7. Paintball or Airsoft?

    That still is awesome!
  8. Pas d'inquiétudes, ça viendra!
  9. I believe they was talking about the amount of room (as in available space) more than roomS
  10. I've been doing quite well, I'm glad to be back here Bonjour! Mise à part la crise d’épilepsie donnée par ton avatar (qui est néanmoins ULTRA CLASSE je trouve), enchanté ^^
  11. ELf on a shelf Meh, the shift key got held a little too long ^^' Next sentence: Supercalifragilisticexpialodicious!
  12. Letting Agent?

    I believe owning multiple residences is possible, and since renting is possible I don't see a reason why you couldn't rent multiple places yourself. As for being an actual agent, I have no clue, sorry!
  13. I'm back! Just this: I'm back ;)

    1. skrillex53


      welcome back

      I answer late but better now than never ^^