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Found 5 results

  1. Different Countries

    People could either go to the airport and buy a ticket to another country or take their own plane/boat. Of course these other islands will be implemented slowly overtime, its not like we are going to see any when the Town Square Module is released, and they are going to be nowhere near the size of the starting map/island. Reply below what you think and any other ideas about this.
  2. How do we interact with the world on Identity? Just press a button like on Arma 3 or there are more advanced things? As for example: on a vehicle it will be necessary to turn the key so that the engine works..?
  3. Is there any name of the "world" ? Hey, there. I am asking myself if there is going to be any name of the Playable "world" (Island) and if yes, what is it called. I havent seen anything like this in the FAQ section or anywhere els in the Forum Hope You can help me ^^ Thanks.
  4. How will the actual full-scale world of Identity be released? Is the full map worked on throughout all the modules? Or is it all planned to be released fully in a certain module, and then added onto? I searched up topics about this but didn't find much..
  5. The World

    Hello Everyone/Devs, So, I know the game will have Police, and Gangs. In the overview there is something said about Gangs declaring war on each other and certain PVP locations. I'm just wondering what will be in place to stop the world from going to chaos and you being shot, killed, robbed, kidnapped, or ran over by vehicles all day? I know on some Life games as well the criminals will wait for there to be few Police on the server and such. Will there be something to keep peace in the normal areas, or will this all be based on if there is police on? I know there may not be answers yet for these questions, but I just wonder about how it will run based on pass experience from life games/mods. How will Identity deal with this? Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Nave