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  1. Reminder of the expectations (info you may not know)

    Paratus - 16/01/2020 : ''
  2. This Month "dev blog"?

    I do not see how it's disturbing, he's part of the team. By the way Beach_ball confirmed that he was trying to help Paratus do the devblogs
  3. This Month "dev blog"?

    I never understood why Paratus is doing the devblog, it should be at the Community Manager, a CEO has so much work to do, and every month, the devblog is late ..
  4. I think you did not understand. It's simple, it's like companies, they have people from different regions of countries who help them translate. Those who are not English and who do not understand well, will be able to go in a part of the forum reserved for their native country. A moderator has nothing to do with it.
  5. Hello, citizens of Identity. I have been thinking for several months in view of the multi-nationality on identity, the goal is to create emissaries for each country. Let's start from the beginning. So, what is an emissary? The emissary is definitely an agent employed by governments and special bodies to conceal the interests of his employers in a foreign country or in another party. What does the title of emissary mean? Also, I thought there was a separate designation on the forum - with a nickname, badge and a special title. It will have other privileges, the car one of them can directly contact the developers, meet them in person and influence the course of consecutive development. The emissaries will come from the community, so are not paid. (it is voluntary unless Asylum Entertainment is generous). Its more the main is the native language of the latest news, important ads to the community in a given sub-forum than English and an "international" language. What do you think about it? (I do not know if I'm in the right place, for my topic).
  6. Anyone have the Identity Discord Server, thanks

  7. Dev Blog #008

    I had read that the video will be uploaded before the Dev Blog will be posted. And so...?
  8. Dev Blog #008

    And the video, it will be available when? Another question, you would be present at the Gamescom?
  9. How do we interact with the world on Identity? Just press a button like on Arma 3 or there are more advanced things? As for example: on a vehicle it will be necessary to turn the key so that the engine works..?