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  1. I have a question about the Identity module when the Town Square releases. If I am able to customize my character in the town square module, would I be able to transfer my customized character from the module to the beta version from identity, and to the full release of identity in 2017? Thank you!
  2. Identity RPG ' Pledge Cards '

    This is an idea I have, you know that you have to redeem a code for example, a ITunes card so you can buy music, apps and games for your Iphone? I was thinking about this one idea where Aslyum Entertainment will create their own " Pledge Cards " or however you want to call them. My reason for why I would bring up this idea in the first place is because people with credit cards would not want to put their own credit card information into the account. I would buy these cards at GameStop and I could redeem these points so I could buy for example: the Citizen pack for $15.00. What do you guys think?