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  1. How long?

    I've been here for a while and have seen many ideas come and go. I just wanted to see all the new people and their ideas, my accounts pretty young but i've been following for years. I feel kinda close to the community and used to apart of a optimistic organization but was disbanded. I feel happy for all the new people to see this game.
  2. Its been a while.

    What are some of the new gangs and stuff thats been going, Its been a while since I last came on this forum and wanted to see how many new faces there are..
  3. Playing this game!

    I probably will! I am excited though still.
  4. Playing this game!

    Is anyone else not able to play? I am sad since I don't have a computer strong enough, plus I can't even game on it since its not mine, anyone else got this dilema.
  5. Kop Killers

    Probably but once I have the money anything is possible!
  6. Kop Killers

    Prrobably but I. Ould care less about get caught
  7. Thomas Hetch for governer

    That maybe true but you cant know for sure until the damages been done
  8. Kop Killers

    When the game comes out many people will be threats to cops, so in the future if you give me good pay and reason, I will ice a cop. Sometimes pro-bono....just gotta say for any cops in this part of the forum....watch out for me!
  9. Gene Smith for Governor

    I will vote for you genesmith
  10. I am the nightmare of the law I will destroy you

    Imma ice you.
  11. Thomas Hetch for governer

    You should be careful, otherwise I you will have an accident, a bloody one.
  12. I'm A Criminal Consultant

    Nice man, I will be relying on you in the future
  13. I'm A Criminal Consultant

    Choice of weapons?
  14. Gore

    Are you allowed to dismember people, assassinate and scuh