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  1. Pets

    Pets will be in the game at release. However, they will only be in your apartments at first. Motown has said that they would like to add the ability to take your pets outside in the future.
  2. [FAQ] Police Department

    oi thats dank
  3. Price

    No, the price you pay in the shop includes a copy of the game when it releases.
  4. Will some housing be instanced?

    I'm trying to be funny, or smart. I'm just saying that this game is meant to be a life simulator, therefore, there shouldn't be an endgame to it. Also, the devs have said it would be laggy if it wasn't instanced.
  5. Will some housing be instanced?

    Is there an endgame in life?
  6. Will some housing be instanced?

    I don't see why you're disappointed. If housing wasn't instanced, everyone walking past the house would have to load all of the data going on inside the house, which would create server lag. That's why they are instancing the cinema etc, so that people walking by's games won't lag.
  7. Will some housing be instanced?

    All housing will be instanced.

    Hello everybody, the Identity artist Disanski is currently livestreaming himself working on the assets, Feel free to come on in! https://www.twitch.tv/disanski
  9. New Town Square Screenshot!

    Already in the Town square Screenshots post.
  10. Release

    No-one knows yet, apart from the devs.
  11. Natural Disasters

    The apartments are instanced, meaning that they are kinda in a different game world to the rest of the map. This prevents people walking past apartment blocks having to render everything from the apartments inside. As James said, you can see outside of your window, but because it's not synced with the other world, you won't see anything that would be happening outside the apartments in the main world. The devs have stated that they have been toying around with the idea of adding natural disasters and said that they want to do it [Quoted from IdentityRPG Reddit Q&A] " We definitely want to include natural disasters in some way, but we aren't yet certain how we want to go about it. We've had a lot of fun and laughs discussing how we can mess with the game population using hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, but some things just seem like they could get a little too out-of-hand, so we don't want to commit, or make any promises until we're more sure about this idea down the road. " They also said that it would be cool to have them at themed holiday events as well: " Natural disaster events for holidays or other important days would be a great idea. " If I was helpful, feel free to leave a like
  12. Full Game?

    Short answer? Yes. The lowest pledge amount comes with access to the full game when it releases, the pack costs $15. To get access to the beta and modules, you'll need to pledge $30 or more.
  13. What is the beta going to be like?

    You're completely right about this. If you don't have a pledge that includes an apartment, you will still get one for the town square module only, where you will be able to try out all of the home customization features. I'm pretty sure that this is also right, there will be clothes shops in the town square [Don't quote me on this, i'm not 100% sure] where you can try on different outfits, there will also be hairdressers and tattoo Spot on!
  14. Radio DJ's?

    Yes! There will be! There are radio stations around the map that you can rent and you can host your own radio show that anyone with a steroeo can tune in and listen to.
  15. Traffic Might Be an Issue No Joke

    I'd love to have traffic, it would be so great having rp based around being late for work etc etc