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  1. Kids in game

    Kids on public servers are most likely going to be annoying, so no one will talk to them and they will slowly fade away from the game after less than a month. The ratings can stop children from buying this game because their parents might not allow them to buy it. There will be many private, white-listed, community servers which will kick/ban children almost instantly, so no need to worry about that.
  2. Drugs.

    riiiip, i wanna pop a bar and just be off the xan all day haha
  3. Drugs.

    Wondering how drugs are going to be like. - Is there going to be?: Weed, Cocaine, Meth, Xanax, Ecstasy, LSD, Shrooms, Heroin, etc. - Are there going to be animations? - Any other information? Just to clarify, I'm not a newbie, I just want specific details and thorough explanations.
  4. PC Specs, will they be alright?

    You can probably run the game over 60 FPS I play GTA and I get 60 FPS most of the time with sometimes drops to 55-59 FPS so I think I'll be fine too. Of course you can always tweak settings and make the performance faster.
  5. Hello guys

    Welcome to the Identity community fam, hope you pledge! I pledged $30 just earlier so hopefully the game is good
  6. All of the Screenshots in one place?

    I made a video on my channel that had most of the screenshots and stuff.
  7. How Diverse is our community?

    I speak English only
  8. I'm probably going to work as a GFX designer, if that doesn't work out then probably something in the crime scene.
  9. Workshop / Custom Servers?

    There will be private/community servers which you can customize and configure.
  10. Hello, any italians?

    Hello! Welcome to the Identity forumsĀ and community! When the game releases, it will be available and translated for several languages, and there will probably be Italian server(s) so you can find people that live in your region/speak your language
  11. Identity Intro

    Hello, welcome to the community!
  12. Food and Drink

    Of course you can cook your own food, and you can also of course go to fast-food/normal restaurants, etc.
  13. If we die

    As LuckyDuck said, you can check the FAQs, and also to answer your question, you do obviously respawn, but if you had any guns or any money on your body when you died, then players will be able to loot it from you. To the extent of my knowledge, I know that you won't lose your clothes, money in the bank, home, etc.
  14. How active is everyone on the forums?

    I was usually checking the website probably every 10 minutes two weeks ago, but lately I've been semi-active and not really checkthing the website/forums nearly as much as I used to. I usually check about 2 times a day. At first I was really hyped at this game, like extremely, but for now I've kind of gotten over the hype because I've known the game for a while, but don't think that I'm not hyped for this game at all, because I'm definitely hyped, just not as much as before.