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  1. clanwar

    this is the wrong forum, i think you spelled clash of clans wrong
  2. It isn't confirmed if Identity will be on PS4, XBOX, or any other gaming console. However, they will look into it after release. Also, if you don't have a good PC, this game is worth buying a PC for, like Dimin69 said. And if you have questions on if your laptop is good enough to run Identity, just make sure you can run games like GTA or Arma, at least on low settings.
  3. 1.) If you pledged $15, then you have access to the full game when it releases on Steam, I'm pretty sure, so sometime in 2018. 2.) If you pledged $30 or more, then you have access to the alpha (modules), and the first module, one out of four of them, I believe, will be coming out sometime within the next couple weeks, hopefully. Also you have access to Beta.
  4. you only lose the stuff on your body when you die, you dont lose your car or anything, it will come back to you if you have insurance and most of your questions will be answered in the FAQ
  5. i wasn't really putting emphasis on throwing the money away, more just on looking at what you're buying, because he basically just gave money for something he doesn't even know he's buying.
  6. i hope hair styles like these are available in the game, or at least normal dreads
  7. for one, please don't spend money on something you have no idea on what you are buying for two, 250 dollar pledge gets you everything it says it gets you, including beta access to all modules, in which one module will be releasing sometime within the next month, hopefully. for three, you will get a steam game key through an email when the full game releases so you get the full game for free as well. next time, please don't be completely blind and look at what you are buying instead of just throwing money away, because it states it really clear on the store.
  8. Eh we can't really determine if this is a flop or not until the module(s) comes out or the full game releases.
  9. Bruh, they keep pushing the date back. I remember just a few weeks ago we were all excited for it to release this month and everyone was saying that it's just a matter of time because it will be released within a month or within July, I'm going to be upset if the game releases in August because then summer will be practically over.
  10. It's so annoying, honestly, I'm tired of waiting, they said a lot of stuff a couple years ago on how they were working on the game and now we still haven't gotten anything. To be completely honest they should at least communicate with the community. I'm leaning towards thinking that this game's going to be a flop. I'm sorry, but I'm just not having it, they literally don't make any videos on their YouTube and then on top of that they aren't really updating us on what's happening, hell, some of the shit they throw together is just concept art, concept art, not even the real in-game screenshots. I'm expecting something spectacular and 10 times better than GTA or any other big game when this god-damn town square module releases. Again, they promised us one too many times, they said the first module would be released near Easter, it's the god-damn middle of the summer and we're still sitting here with nothing, absolutely nothing. I'm sorry but I just had to let this out.
  11. $30, first week or so I was fine but the second week I was skeptical so I sent a refund request through email and then changed my mind. Right now I'm itching the play the first module and I hope it comes out within the next week or two.
  12. lol wtf
  13. those spam posts aren't that much of a nuisance to me, but that doesn't mean I want them, hopefully mods are quicker to remove them in the future
  14. I've been wanting to play a game like this for years now. Also I think I may try to find a way to make real money from this game... hm.