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  1. Do you have to buy the game?

    so then basically when the first module is done ill get a full version of the game because i made a pledge?
  2. Do you have to buy the game?

    ok heres a question based on the comments where do you buy the game at? i thought the game came with the donations upon the release 
  3. Stock Market

    that would be awesome actually, i would assume they would have something along those lines since if you watch the youtube videos the keep referencing corporations, so i would assume they may create a stock market based on them if they went that route 
  4. Stock car racing

    i heard there suppose to have a racing aspect not sure how thats gonna work yet either guess its one of those things youll just have to wait for
  5. Making your own house?

    i think that would be a great idea with how many games out there now have a dynamic building system i think i could be very possible
  6. How will drug raids work

    ok i have a question about this if you have to grow in fields im guessing this is kinda in regards to arma but will you have the fields open like you can pick and choose places to do so and what about storage?
  7. Debit Cards

    i like this idea but lets ask an honest question for those that made a donation to the game they give you some money and an apartment now considering the fact you just start in game your not gonna have a designated house or money so i would imagine they would run some type of credit system following the start of the game im just guessing but thats only what would make sense to me
  8. Overwhelming Crime

    my guess is your gonna have that fear anyways however its a balance system between cops and robbers i would imagine
  9. Playable

    im hoping end of feb im kind of anxious to play the game now lbs lol but gives me time to upgrade the account i guess
  10. Playable

    Does anybody have any idea as to when the game will be playable or the first module will be completed? 
  11. getting started

    youll be able to see your rewards however you will not be able to claim them until the release the games first module you cant claim them because theres no way into the game as of yet
  12. Hi i have a question about price

    from what i have read the price will rise based on the release of the game so after the first module is complete youll more than likely see prices go up
  13. IF they allowed home invasions

    i really think if they do add home invasion in it should one be very risky and difficult and if by chance lets say your caught and or arrested the penalties should be much higher it would be interesting to see i mean even in arma 3 you can break into peoples houses however you dont kno where someone lives  
  14. Insurance

    i havent been able to find alot of accurate info regarding this information to the game but its a good suggestion to add in i think anyways
  15. IF they allowed home invasions

    i think if they did incorporate it into the game i think penalties should be set higher like a weeks long prison time that would stop griefing based on risk of capture it would and wouldnt be worth doing a home invasion then certain things should have greater penalties