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  1. Sorry just saw your reply, I will pop it on Twitter now!
  2. So will parking enforcement be a thing? Or will it be all on the PD?
  3. The MC gang is back, are you still active

  4. teamspeak

    Makes sense man. I do appreciate you stopping by though.
  5. teamspeak

    Yea i remember getting on and seeing you down there. I tend to not poke people in the AFK channel unless its urgent lol. But feel free to poke me and if im there i will chit chat. Sometimes im times im in multiple Teamspeaks at once.
  6. teamspeak

    I know ive been busy the last few weeks with work and helping the lady get settled into her work. I should be around more often.
  7. teamspeak

    Well i appreciate you stopping by Ill be on tonight. Would love to chat with you one of these days. Cheers amigo!
  8. in my opinion DayZ is a very different game. The level of RP is not anywhere near what this game will be. Now, that being said yes I agree, I do feel that most people who play purely console will not participate largely in the RP aspect as most console players seem to exist to play first person shooters. Just my personal opinion as that's really the only reason I ever touch a console anymore lol. Have they said if they will make this game VR compatible? I think that would be awesome.
  9. No i agree with that, It will be a challenge for sure. But might just be worth it for them to try.
  10. Its possible. I think if they really wanted to PlayStation could make ample space for it as a lot of games they have offer decent server sizes. Granted each server size is different, I don't see why PlayStation couldn't allow 100-200 players per server should the game get big enough. I mean for planet side 2 the max was 1200. Anyway, I just think it all comes down to the success of the game and the appeal to the general public. If they could get this game to console, actually even on PC this game should challenge GTA. So lets make sure we all support the hell out of this game because well, anything is possible.
  11. Welcome back god sir. Pleasure to have you.
  12. Sitting here at work and i cant stop thinking "man I cant wait until Identity launches". :D

  13. a prosthetic limb designer? lol
  14. I know most MCs in the US ride Harley's but I love Indians so is it a possibility to see at least one Indian in game? They are beautiful bikes. - Doc
  15. uhhhhh....... a biker. Duh lol