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Found 3 results

  1. Mechanic

    I have been involved in our family towing company, specializing in light medium and heavy duty towing recovery and hauling. I would be honored to be involved in developing these areas of Identity.
  2. So i have a question (Suggestion if it's not planned for the game). As stated in the title, can the police give you a ticket for parking illegally? For example, parking in front of someone's garage. Or can their vehicle be towed for doing so, if so, Since i know that the game will have tow trucks im wondering if a illegally parked car will be one of the uses for a tow truck. If a vehicle marked for towing manages to change their location to try to not get their car towed, i assume their license plate would be saved so the patrol cops could use an ANPR to find the said car that relocated. Also, to mark a vehicle and make it stay in place i would love to see the cops mark vehicles and make them immobile until the tow truck arrives by locking the wheel so the car can't drive, and the tow truck driver can remove it at any time. P.S: This would only apply if there even are license plates in the game
  3. Illegally parked cars

    So we all know cars that have been left by their owners is a b***h that's why I was wondering if there is gonna be a way to get rid of them. It would be great if the police had a way to temporarily lock a vehicle so that a towing company could be contacted and come to get the vehicle. This could be used in different situations suits as a normal illegally parked vehicle or in a case when a officer has caught a speeder and he is not allowed to drive anymore. The towing company will then get a payment when the owner of the vehicle retrieves it and the police will have a easy and effective way of getting rid of them, much like how it works irl. This might already have been taken into thought but if not I think its worth a shot. Just leave other suggestion regarding if you have any.