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  1. My name is Sean too! Welcome to the community McFarland! It is absolutely our goal to give players the choice to live off the land without ever stepping foot in a city within Identity, but be careful out there in the woods! There may be a few surprises out there!
  2. Continue The Story

    his pet dog, Clifford, when suddenly a mugger...
  3. Signature problems

    I'm not entirely sure why it won't accept images smaller than the required 600 x 150 pixel requirement. Does it have to be 600 x 150 exactly?
  4. One Very Pissed Off Customer

    Please email John, our CEO and project lead at  [email protected] He can provide you with a refund
  5. Pay with Paysafecard as Guest ?

    Greetings Alexmason, Currently we only accept paypal for security reasons, since Paypal does not provide us with private personal or financial information. We feel safer as a company by not collecting that data from our users. However, additional payment options will be available in the future! We have a web developer working on that feature now.
  6. Just pledged my $60

    Welcome to Identity, Brad! Thank you so much for your support, and for being a part of our ArmA 3 community before this!
  7. Rust

    I played a little bit of Rust with @DJScias, one of our forum moderators, today! The server was "Rust Factions Role-Play |" Seems like a nice community for those of you interested in Rust! Fun Fact: The shredded bits on the lower half of the logo represent shredded Identity documents, or a city skyline!
  8. Introduction - Zoex

    Welcome Zoex! Great to see you here buddy!
  9. Identity Flyers?

    Whoa, I didn't expect anyone to notice the flyers! I love Lewis! I handed him one when we met at PAX East. The flyers looks like this!   Made by Brad Durham, our UI artist!
  10. Experienced Police Officer

    Hey Kracken! Welcome to the Identity community! People like yourself with experience in law enforcement will be a healthy benefit to the police career in this game. We hope we'll receive your approval by hopefully doing a good job representing law enforcement in Identity!
  11. Name change

    Sorry for the late response DJMaggus, please private message me letting me know what name you'd like to use on the website and forums.
  12. E-mail Change

    Hey Unrundead, if I understand correctly, you'd like to change your email address on the account page. Please private message me with the email address you'd like it to be changed too!
  13. Cant Log in

    Hey Yannifatios, Jamesluck beat me to it, but please be sure you have created an account for both the website and forums separately. They are two different accounts. Let me know if the problem still persists!
  14. Backer Only Area?

    We'd love to do this! We still need to integrate pledge tiers into forum user accounts. After that is sorted, we'll see about making this happen!
  15. Scam Email!

    Thanks guys, I'll investigate that.
  16. Steam Beta?

    Hey Golden, Identity will be on Steam, but I'm not sure it will be on Steam during beta testing. You may have to download it from a custom launcher available on our website in order to test when the time comes. We will make more payment options available in the future from our website long before their are any changes to the current pledge tier options.
  17. Text Chat and concerns

    Text chat will be available to you in Identity! There will be local chat, as well as private messaging. We acknowledge that the convenience of voice chat isn't always what people want in every situation. Whether you are shy, or you want to pretend to be someone else, or even if someone in your proximity is trying to sleep, we don't want to suppress your ability to get a message across, but we do think that those who want and will use voice chat, will inherently have an enhanced experience in Identity.
  18. Good pistol variety

    I can't yet say specifically what pistols will be in Identity. We're still adding some, and may remove others. But there will be a variety of pistols, including revolvers. We want handguns to be more common than any other weapon, with automatic weapons being rare enough that they are typically brought out by gun collectors for special occasions, like federal reserve robberies, or bank heists. We don't expect that players will be roaming the streets with an AK-47 or M4A1 attached to their backs due to the high risk of losing it. Other players, including cops can see the weapons attached to your hip or back, and the deadlier it is, the more valuable target you are for others. There won't be any sniper rifles or long range weapon attachments beyond a simple 2x scoped hunting rifle. Expect gunfights to be close quarters. Shotguns are also included. Our ballistics model is pretty cool, and these weapons will quickly become a favorite for those who can afford to carry them. The whole idea is to keep things realistic. Ask yourself what you'd expect to see in real life when encountering a person with a firearm. You certainly wouldn't expect to see a Thompson Sub-machine gun, or a .50 caliber sniper rifle. What kind of handguns do you think are most commonly carried in modern day United States?
  19. Is this even true...

    We absolutely encourage people to wait to pledge until they are actually able to play the beta if they aren't sure what they are getting into yet. Our pledge options will still be available throughout that process. It's much less stressful that way, for all parties! 
  20. Is this even true...

    All very good questions. We continuously plot our budget to hire as many people as we can (accounting for up to a years pay in most cases) in all essential areas. This essentially means that in order to make more room for more artists or programmers, some of us have to do multiple jobs at once. For instance, I'm both the Community Manager and a 3D artist. Paratus, besides just being our project manager, is also a full time programmer and technical artist for Identity. He's always busy with one thing or another and It's not that he's taking 6 months to do one thing. it's more like that he's actually moving from one priority to another with the video never being at the top of that list. The longer it takes him of course, the higher priority it becomes, and it's certainly far past due now. He knows that and isn't intentionally avoiding it. We've had a lot of people offer to help us for free, but we've also had a few offer to help for a price. We have hired a couple freelancers in the past from our community on Twitter, but we do have incredibly high standards for our artists, and not everyone is capable of meeting those standards, and that kind of talent doesn't come free. The other issue is that, perhaps hypocritically on my part being the exception, we feel very strongly against accepting free work. With our budget in check, we can't afford to pay these people if they were looking for a paid job, and don't feel comfortable exploiting their services for free. There are a lot of moral and ethical concerns regarding that, even if the person providing thinks they are ok with it. From our experience, eventually they are going to want compensation, which leaves the door open for potential legal issues. I think this post particularly is a wake up call for our entire team. As a result of our lack of communication, we can observe how damaging false accusations, like that posted on Reddit can be, especially when noone from the community has been provided anything in support of countering these claims. Worse still, this burden is my responsibility specifically, and I absolutely do feel like I am underachieving by not being able to provide new information to our community with any kind of frequency. I will work with Paratus to see what we can move around to develop a new strategy for dealing with our PR issues.
  21. Is this even true...

    Hey guys, wanted to address this to prevent any further confusion, and to offer our perspective and transparency. Asylum Entertainment is registered in Canada by Paratus because he is a Canadian citizen and the owner of the company. I spent 6 months in Canada with Paratus and Marc (another programmer on Identity) and then returned home due to a work visa issue related to missing tax paperwork. I am a co-founder but I am not an executive of Asylum, and until I recently requested so, was the lowest paid employee, earning minimum wage (even less than our freelance artists). Around July, I requested that Paratus stop paying me because I didn't feel comfortable taking resources that were better spent towards the development of our project, considering how limited our funding is. Paratus insisted on continuing to pay me, but I stubbornly insisted right back that he not. If there is any reward to be earned for my work on Identity, I prefer that it come after the successful launch of this game. I have always said that I would work on Identity for free, even if we ran out of funding, and I feel a sense of pride knowing that these resources are spent on real progress. Now on to the Reddit post. The user /u/theafricandream on Reddit who posted that thread is a former member of our Altis Life community who had been permanently banned more than 9 months ago by a member of our volunteer staff as a result of a long history of bans, despite receiving multiple second chances. Here you can read my reply to a Reddit thread he created 9 months ago after he was banned. In this thread, TheAfricanDream accuses us of banning players that have donated to Asylum in order to scam and steal their money. Presumably he had donated prior to receiving his ban and in the wake of his upset, created this post. I, nor anyone else that I am aware of besides Paratus, has access to Asylum's Altis Life Paypal account or transaction data, and especially not credit card information. Paypal does not send credit card information to vendors, and we only accept Paypal as a means of payment. And as for the content on AsylumExposed, It is almost entirely (unless fabricated or untrue) related to incidents that had been addressed as soon as we had discovered them, in many cases, before they landed on that webpage or in the hands of the community. Any time you are managing a community of volunteers, you will encounter people who become comfortable in their position and eventually attempt to test the waters and see how much they can get away with. Abusive actions on the part of our volunteer administrators are treated as an insult to the community and the rest of the volunteer staff. There are numerous ways we handle abuse, ranging from removal from the admin team, to requiring they provide compensation and an apology depending on the severity of the issue. Remember that Empathy is Asylum's goal, and it is extended to both the community and staff. Despite inflammatory commentary and accusations, we understand where users like TheAfricanDream are coming from. Without a constant flow of official information, people rely on external sources wherever they can find them. We blame no one but ourselves and find no excuse for the lack of communication between us and our incredibly supportive and deserving community. Public Relations is a matter we have struggled with since the start of this project. Simply put, and regrettably so, none of us are experts in Public Relations. I took up the mantle of Community Manager because I was already involved in managing Asylum's Altis Life community for Paratus when he and I got together to conceptualize the idea for Identity. Paratus was a skilled programmer with industry experience, and I had experience with 3D modeling and went to school for it. We both had very ambitious dreams about the type of game we wanted to play and with our combined knowledge, knew we were capable of pulling it off together. The success of Identity's Kickstarter cemented our dreams in reality. It introduced us to an entire universe of people who had the same dreams as us, and provided proof that the market was there for Identity. Identity's financial situation isn't entirely accidental either. Since Identity's start, we've dodged investors and publishers that have offered enticing deals, as a measure to ensure Identity was completed as close to our original design as possible. To us, accepting many of these deals meant compromise, and we simply haven't been willing to rush features, or give up creative control to push out a product that is any less than what we have promised. Thank you so much for your continued patience and support. You guys will never understand what this journey has meant to us and how much your support has lifted our spirits.  
  22. I think the major holdup with Town Square right now is that some of the buildings still need interiors. We've been slower at producing those assets than we originally expected. No real reason for it other than our artists being spread thin among other things. The last I heard, what remains of the video of the apartment customization was in Paratus' hands (he's a programmer as well as our project lead). I'm not exactly sure what that is because when I saw it a few weeks ago, it was perfect. From my observation, he's all over the place because all of us need his attention all the time, so he's been a bit preoccupied lately while we've also been begging him to finish up what the community has been waiting for the most.
  23. Hey guys, thanks for your concerns. Identity is absolutely still in active development, but we understand these concerns have a tendency to grow within the community each time we have become quieter than usual. We're a small team with limited resources so we spend a lot of that time focusing on development tasks. Development is our first love, and none of us are really experts at marketing or Public Relations. We definitely owe our fans a lot more attention than we've given, and admittedly, our PR game has been pretty poor. Until we get that sorted, you can actively find Paratus and I on the unofficial, fan Discord server. Message us anytime for any reason! I'm always around and available for a chat about anything you'd like to talk about. Paratus doesn't seem to check his messages quite as often, and the others don't seem to be very chatty on social networks, but we've extended invites to them for when they do decide to eventually join us. It's important to know that most game projects spend a few years in development before they are announced to the world. That gives them the added benefit of working without pressure from their communities. But Identity was announced when development started, so we've always struggled with knowing when to prioritize marketing over development being a small team, especially myself being both the Community Manager and a 3D artist on the project. It's been a challenge for me to switch between modes, and I regret that I haven't been very effective at it. As a quick progress update. Last week, on the art side, we finished up all of the remaining face sculpts, complete with textures and shaders, that you have seen us posting periodically on Twitter, and those, along with about 50 pieces of clothing (we still need so much more) are currently undergoing rigging. And on the programming side, we completed the karaoke feature, which we will test on Monday. I myself am working on 3d modeling a one bedroom apartment, as well as a hotel bedroom. These things will all be featured in the Town Square module as well as the completed game! Thank you again for all of your support, and I hope this provides a sliver of the information you guys have been craving to hear about!
  24. Info on cities and towns?

    Unfortunately, there probably won't be a little Italy. Identity's design is primarily focused on contemporary modern life surrounding gangs, drug, and law enforcement culture. While these things do exist in modern life in many cities around the country and world, they don't necessarily fit the design direction we are aiming for. There will be more than one casino in Identity, and it is very likely that at least one will be found in Turtle Beach
  25. Info on cities and towns?

    I can shed some light on this subject! There are three major cities in Identity's map, which consists of an island landmass of approximately 225 square kilometers, including a few smaller islands scattered around the coast. The terrain is roughly based on the South Eastern region of the United States, centered on the Carolina's where we were originally going to move our development office. We chose this area for it unique cultural and biome diversity. It's also important to know that the concept art image of the proposed island is simply an early proposal of the land mass. While the general shape of the island will remain close, it does not represent the current design our layout of the current map. The first and largest city, Roseport, is heavily influenced by a mix of Atlanta, GA, and NYC, NY. Atlanta is a great city but didn't quite fit the architecture design and building density we were aiming for, so we splashed a bit of New York City into the mix despite it being a bit further north than our focus range. Roseport is a hive for shady businesses and gangs operating out of low and middle income suburbs surrounding the busy downtown area. We suspect that this will be the place that most players in Identity call home. The second city, Ash Hill is a mountain town that is architecturally inspired by Asheville, NC. It sits perched up in Identity's western mountain range just below the frost line and is considered to be the wealthiest and cleanest living area in Identity. The Town Square module that most of you have seen by now and are eagerly awaiting is a small cutout of what Ash Hill will eventually become in Identity. Finally, the third major city, Turtle Beach is a more tropical waterfront city based on the real world's Myrtle Beach, GA, and is located south east on Identity's map. It is a great place to live for residents of Identity most interested in fishing and seafaring activities. I hope this answers some of your questions about these places!