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  1. Hopefully resolved via PM's. Sorry for inconvenience!
  2. Hey Lugaru, could you tell me how much your pledge was for? I'll fix it for you as soon as possible!
  3. Hey Mrblackdeath, no worries at all! Please PM me your email address and account username and I'll sort it out for you!
  4. Hey Sjondefries! Good question! Unless it's a private server that requires it, players will not have to apply to join the police force. On Official servers, the process to join the police career is mostly automated. You may have to qualify through a training tutorial to get started, and then again after earning the right to become a detective, but you won't have to worry about talking to any players or staff on Official servers to become a cop. Private servers may choose to manually select their police officers, and will have the option to decide how that process is determined. If they'd like to interview people to qualify, they can.
  5. Hey @Mastahakill, I disabled the ability to upload images to the forums. You should still be able to host media through third party sites like Imgur though, which should still display the content on the forums the same way it did before. However, uploading files was removed as a precautionary security measure for the forums. Also, we don't want anyone uploading anything inappropriate to our servers and being held liable for that content :).
  6. Wooo, congratulations Devonor! Thank you so much for being such a long standing, contributing member of our community. We appreciate you, and everyone else who has been so patiently waiting for this game with us!
  7. Hey @KAMIKAZE ! We really like your idea for a referral program. This is something that we would really enjoy implementing after a few more things are in order, such as the new shop page, or after users finally get to login to the Town Square to address some of the concerns some users have with the project. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll share it with our Project Lead, @Paratus during our next meeting.
  8. My name is Sean too! Welcome to the community McFarland! It is absolutely our goal to give players the choice to live off the land without ever stepping foot in a city within Identity, but be careful out there in the woods! There may be a few surprises out there!
  9. his pet dog, Clifford, when suddenly a mugger...
  10. I'm not entirely sure why it won't accept images smaller than the required 600 x 150 pixel requirement. Does it have to be 600 x 150 exactly?
  11. Please email John, our CEO and project lead at He can provide you with a refund
  12. Greetings Alexmason, Currently we only accept paypal for security reasons, since Paypal does not provide us with private personal or financial information. We feel safer as a company by not collecting that data from our users. However, additional payment options will be available in the future! We have a web developer working on that feature now.
  13. Welcome to Identity, Brad! Thank you so much for your support, and for being a part of our ArmA 3 community before this!
  14. I played a little bit of Rust with @DJScias, one of our forum moderators, today! The server was "Rust Factions Role-Play |" Seems like a nice community for those of you interested in Rust! Fun Fact: The shredded bits on the lower half of the logo represent shredded Identity documents, or a city skyline!
  15. Welcome Zoex! Great to see you here buddy!
  16. Whoa, I didn't expect anyone to notice the flyers! I love Lewis! I handed him one when we met at PAX East. The flyers looks like this! Made by Brad Durham, our UI artist!
  17. Hey Kracken! Welcome to the Identity community! People like yourself with experience in law enforcement will be a healthy benefit to the police career in this game. We hope we'll receive your approval by hopefully doing a good job representing law enforcement in Identity!
  18. Sorry for the late response DJMaggus, please private message me letting me know what name you'd like to use on the website and forums.
  19. Hey Unrundead, if I understand correctly, you'd like to change your email address on the account page. Please private message me with the email address you'd like it to be changed too!
  20. Hey Yannifatios, Jamesluck beat me to it, but please be sure you have created an account for both the website and forums separately. They are two different accounts. Let me know if the problem still persists!
  21. We'd love to do this! We still need to integrate pledge tiers into forum user accounts. After that is sorted, we'll see about making this happen!
  22. Thanks guys, I'll investigate that.
  23. Hey Golden, Identity will be on Steam, but I'm not sure it will be on Steam during beta testing. You may have to download it from a custom launcher available on our website in order to test when the time comes. We will make more payment options available in the future from our website long before their are any changes to the current pledge tier options.
  24. Text chat will be available to you in Identity! There will be local chat, as well as private messaging. We acknowledge that the convenience of voice chat isn't always what people want in every situation. Whether you are shy, or you want to pretend to be someone else, or even if someone in your proximity is trying to sleep, we don't want to suppress your ability to get a message across, but we do think that those who want and will use voice chat, will inherently have an enhanced experience in Identity.
  25. I can't yet say specifically what pistols will be in Identity. We're still adding some, and may remove others. But there will be a variety of pistols, including revolvers. We want handguns to be more common than any other weapon, with automatic weapons being rare enough that they are typically brought out by gun collectors for special occasions, like federal reserve robberies, or bank heists. We don't expect that players will be roaming the streets with an AK-47 or M4A1 attached to their backs due to the high risk of losing it. Other players, including cops can see the weapons attached to your hip or back, and the deadlier it is, the more valuable target you are for others. There won't be any sniper rifles or long range weapon attachments beyond a simple 2x scoped hunting rifle. Expect gunfights to be close quarters. Shotguns are also included. Our ballistics model is pretty cool, and these weapons will quickly become a favorite for those who can afford to carry them. The whole idea is to keep things realistic. Ask yourself what you'd expect to see in real life when encountering a person with a firearm. You certainly wouldn't expect to see a Thompson Sub-machine gun, or a .50 caliber sniper rifle. What kind of handguns do you think are most commonly carried in modern day United States?