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  1. I want to know where you all stand.

    Same here 100%
  2. Well said, I am swiss and my english is a bit minimalistic so thanks for you pitching in
  3. This just confirms my opinion about you. At least I am happy you not so much
  4. First of all you don't know me but hey you can assume whatever you want it's you're opinion thats why I said whatever. And that is always a matter of opinion you have yours and I have mine. If you can not handle it, I can not do anything...
  5. If you ment me I think you are mistaken... check again
  6. Be happy that they even give something. You pledged for whatever and are only entitled to receive what you pledged for, nothing more and nothing less. If the Dev's decide to give us more just be happy man. And if you should not receive anything because you backed/pledged a small amount then its like it is and you will have to accept that.
  7. A third delay?

    Nice one And sure if we win and all comes together we will grab a beer or two and cheer (Town Square / Identity ) on our success by helping the devs to make their vision come true
  8. A third delay?

    That's the thing and that is why I said everybody is different. It's not that I don't understand I know where you coming from. But I look at things different. I do not feel entitled to anything. I work for a Swiss company which invests in small startups and there might always be factor there which you can not anticipate. There is always a risk in investing into projects. When I do business I am always aware that something could go wrong, especially if you invest in to a project that cost couple of hundred thousand or Millions of dollars. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Here up until now we just lost time nothing else. I don't see much of a problem in that, even so if we would lose here and all breaks together so be it, that's life and it happens all the time. And I would also be fine with that because that is the risk you take by investing in projects like this.
  9. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Hey@Byron thanks for all your efforts. I like the way your keeping us updated appreciate this very much.
  10. will identity be out may 21st?

    Hehehe would be really awesome if you nailed that date, but who knows? I do like you're math and thinking PS: You should make a third option with both options: Your nuts and Wrong but also right and a genius. For that I would vote.
  11. A third delay?

    That's the thing everybody is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts some of us care a lot and others don't. Nevertheless time will tell and the only thing we can to right now is to wait, hope, pray or whatever. I for myself have backed so many projects over the years some got canceled some made it. But I never got upset or tried to force anything. This does not help the developers. Instead I focus on the bright side of stuff. But it is like it is, everybody is different.
  12. A third delay?

    As soon we will see the new website most of the upset backers will see that they are making progress and when Town Square gets released nobody will be upset anymore because everybody will be to busy playing the game. They also mentioned in yesterday Twitch stream that they are planning some new goodies for us backers/pledgers which wanted to be compensated for the delay.
  13. What age bracket do you fall into?

    Well, I am 42 and a Gamer for 25 Years now. You are never too old to play games. But I guess this only applies if you are into gaming