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  1. Well if you do some digging, then you would find that multiple politicians have been caught out for swearing allegiance to criminal gangs. That is a crime. There are people on the forums who will be FBI agents (or a similar occupation) when the game is launched, and they are currently looking into players that could potentially be dangerous when the game launches. I'm not corrupt or "Throwing candidates under the bus", I am removing corruption from politics.
  2. It is no secret that there are politicians that have been caught out for crimes, not naming any names, but I also am working closely with multiple FBI agents in an attempt to help catch out other politicians that we believe may be corrupt. I just have a few questions for the public on this matter. (1): Would you vote for a politician if they have been caught out for corruption, or has multiple allegations of corruption? (2): What do you think the punishment should be for a corrupt politician? (3) Which politician is the most corrupt? And finally I ask that anyone with information of corrupt politicians please come forward with this information to an FBI agent. Thank you.
  3. Fantastic! Not many companies have anti-global warming plans, best of luck!
  4. Since most of your production is metal works, do you have any anti global warming plan set up? Also I wish you the best of luck with your business!
  5. Pensez-vous vraiment que j'ai peur de vous? *des rires*
  6. I have many other possible candidates, they have just chosen to stay silent because they work for the FBI and don't want to take political sides until I get elected.
  7. No, he is a candidate that has shown massive interest for the role, right now he is in the lead, but I am still looking for some other candidates too.
  8. A Q and A done by TheDynsaty with the Devs.
  9. I will only make it a real thing if there is a full team of agents, however the current only fbi member will more than likely be my first pick for commissioner.
  10. If there is a good team of them then I would support it.
  11. You do realize that I am not given any bodyguards and if I die as governor then I just re-spawn in the governor's office and I am still Governor.
  12. I'm not scared of assassination, if I die, I just respawn
  13. I feel absolutely safe with the FBI.
  14. peace

    Thank you!