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  1. Marie Clare Bouchard

    Detective Patrick James Phelan is a highly regarded member of both the forums and the police department. This is why I am recommending him as a major candidate and will be the front-runner in my choice for Commissioner! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  2. OK, thanks for clearing that up!
  3. Or she/other identifiable gender!
  4. Condolences from the Français National. Take all the time you need, we all respect and support you at Français National and we will be here for you, if you need ANYTHING! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  5. Identity TV (IDTV)

    First images of our aimed set for 'Campus' ; Jackson character design; Hutch's apartment; Raylee's character design; More news on 'Campus' coming soon!
  6. Identity TV (IDTV)

    Yes, we will have in-game companies making advertisements, which in turn will be shown on IDTV, which would be used to pay the actors. In-game businesses will pay with Identity currency so it is not a breach of rules. Thanks for the interest! Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  7. Identity TV (IDTV)

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! We always need to hear from the people if we want to improve! 1. All actors will be payed with in-game money earned from product placement and investors. Our executives and investors will receive IRL money. The reason I won't be giving real money to the actors as it is breaking the rules. I cannot pay pay people real money for an in-game service. However, editors, investors, and executives can continue to earn real life money. 2. Our live news hopefully could be implemented however, we cannot know until the game has been released or we receive more information. I will also be only using safe pay systems and will not be reliant on the ad companies. Thanks again! Marie-Clare Bouchard
  8. I think that all politicians are looking for a challenge so we will be (hopefully) all on the same, politcally designated server! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  9. Identity TV (IDTV)

    I think that you would work excellently in the intervention/voting opening show in Eurovision! Lot's of fireworks, stunts, music and flames will be in the intervention, so hopefully that doesn't spook you! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  10. Identity TV (IDTV)

    Also, with YouTube's "Adpocalypse", I will be offering smaller YouTuber's cash earned from the businesses real life revenue (from Twitch, YouTube and ad's) to buy out their mini-series rights to re-upload them on our YouTube channel and Twitch stream.
  11. Identity TV (IDTV)

    I've already announced that I won't be running any content that IDTV has not created or bought.
  12. Français National, Same great party, Always improving! h tpps:// Français National Campaign Ad Please move the ‘h’ onto the ‘ttps’ if you wish to view. (Forum rules state that I must not post a direct link). Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  13. Identity TV (IDTV)

    Fantastic to hear this! Welcome to the IDTV crew! I’ll place you into the ‘Campus’ cast and I also welcome you to join the writers crew too! Campus is our prized possession and front liner drama so I invite you, since you have experience and are qualified, to help develop and write the script! I’ll PM with the rough plot lines for season 1 very soon! Kind regards, -Marie Clare Bouchard.
  14. IDTV is the only public broadcasting company in Identity with already 9 announced programmes. While we are keeping the cast and crew underwaps for now, we already have around 15 cast and crew members already and we are rapidly growing!
  15. Thanks for the mention! I think that you need to be credited for your hard work and dedication to the forums, like in your stunning website, fantastic team of workers, and tremendous advertisement campaign! Also, @LuciousTimes has to be credited for his overall active account. He engages with the public A LOT. He has a big team and a big heart. He keeps everything calm, and that is what I respect about him! Also, @DLimit is also a very hard worker, he does everything for his party and fights for his beliefs. Politicians are some of the most active members of the forums. I hope that the politicians keep up the dream to govern once the game is released! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.