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    I would like to thank all of my voters, we have made massive progress and we will continue to rise thanks to you all!
  2. Another communist gone, thank goodness!
  3. "This Is The Front National" Our first out of our many media campaigns is now launched! (Please note that the video has been uploaded on my friends Youtube account!).
  4. Again, the way that you place yourself on a pedestal, as if you are better than everyone disgusts me!
  5. Your point makes no sense at all
  6. Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself, you are a TRUE hero on this forum! You understand exactly how healthcare and fire departments work! Thank you again!
  7. I would like to inform all of my voters that myself and a few other politicians will be partaking in a live Voice debate! You can send in questions to the moderator of the debate for the politicians to answer! The debate may also be streamed on twitch, here is the link to the site that we will be debating on: -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  8. Good to hear that, the UFD really did come out of nowhere, but we both know the new politicians cycle, we've seen it many times! -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  9. Well you clearly didn’t read my post, Lucious is struggling, hard to see him go much further in this truly difficult world of politics!
  10. Oh dear, oh dear Lucious, you seem to be struggling in the polls, I'm perfectly happy with my position in the polls, in fact I am rising every day in power, however the fact that you used to be basically unbeatable in the polls really does make me wonder if this is the beginning of the end for you? No offence intended, just wanted to hear your opinion on the new polls! -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  11. I am unsure with what I am supposed to do with this information....... -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  12. Thank you for the support, with more great people like you, we can truly make this game great! -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  13. Criticisms that were unclear and not worth my attention! You associate yourself with the most crooked politician in this game, Lucious Times! Joel, as I have previously stated many times, this system is more similar to real life health insurance...... If you don't understand how healthcare systems work in real life, then you won't be able to understand this............ Joel, if you would only understand how the real world works we would not be having this debate. If you want the great people serving our fire department to keep on working day in and day out on a wage which isn't too flattering in real life, you must reward them, a banquet dinner is a normal occasion for the fire department! That is a racist accusation........ That's how you speak to our great people? WOW, the way that you place yourself above everyone else is disgusting and appalling!
  14. Although I disagree with your gay-marriage stance, I am a Catholic and I truly wish you the best of luck! -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".
  15. Exactly! You understand how the system works and how we need to respect one and other if we want to achieve greatness in this game! -Marie-Clare Bouchard, Founder and President of "The Front National".