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  1. The Network

    ???????, ???? ?? ???????, ??? ????? ??? ?????????, ??????? ???????????, ?????? ???????, ????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ????. ??? ??????? ???? ???? ??? ??????????? ?? ??? ??? ????????? ??? ???? ??? ??'? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ???'?? ?????. ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??, ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ?????????. ?? ????? ?????????, ????????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ???, ?????? ??? ???????. ????????? ?? ??? ??? ?????, ????, ???'? ?????... ??? ?? ????: ?????? ???? ??! - - The Network - More info regarding the Network -
  2. The Network

    This will become a network that will be linked to every single assassin, mercenary, hit-man or organization wishing to find jobs more easily. Here there will be no problem contacting, recruiting or dealing! This will be a criminal paradise, made by us, for us. You can help this network grow by simply joining it & show some activity. You will be tagged what you are and what you do. Leader = Me. I will be the host of Network. Manager = Someone that helps me take care of the Network. Associate = Powerful people associating with the Network. Employer = Gives out contracts, hiring or recruiting. Elite = Person highly qualified for multiple tasks, jobs or contracts. Assassin = The best mercenary you will get is an Assassin. They will be most useful for tasks & contracts. Hit-Man = a Hit-Man is a subcategory of the genus Assassin, and the term, while synonymous with 'contract killer', is often used in relation to organised crime, such as a Mafia for example. They are sort of "taken" and can be sent out by the Group, Guild or Faction / Mafia they work for. Mercenary = Mercenaries are the lower tier of Assassins & Hit-Men & Elite in this case, they are well suited for this title. Politician = Politician, might want to get in touch with him to clear something? Lawer = Politician thing, only less powerful but more advanced in some situations. Escort = Bodyguard, Guard or Caretaker I'd like to call them myself, are people you can pay to protect you, a person, cargo or simply put: Anything. Transporter = Need someone to transport your cargo, supplies or anything? Drug-Dealer = Simple! They make, sell or get you connected to drug related business! Dealer = Drug-Dealer, Arms-Dealer... Any type of Dealer! Thief = Not looking for a vicious killer to do the job and can't do it yourself. Hire one of these guys. Recruited = Those who are already recruited and aren't looking to be recruited. If you wish to get in touch with the Network Leader or Manager, contact me trough --- Discord: Skype: NoodleCate The Network will not take fault or blame for unsuccessful contracts, missions, objectives or lost cargo, supplies or damages! Sorry workers, but that means you'll be the one taking the blame. We are not going to take fault for your failure!
  3. The Network

    Stay as anonymous as you'd like.
  4. Sticky Situation, eh?

    Which is why I try to get people to join, but no one joins because no one is there, because they don't join. It's a loopy "paradox"
  5. The Network

    some roles cannot access chats & they'll have to proof that they are criminals
  6. Luprano family recruitment

    Looking for a discord with lots of connections and resources? - - Check the Network out and stay there. Don't leave, I need to build up the perfect criminal place.
  7. Slaughter Gang **Recruiting**

    Then get a manager for your things that concern writing. Just give him the details and he'll make up a fresh good recruitment. Also if you're looking for simple, live recruitment. I'm starting the Network for criminals, corrupt politicians and people that need criminals for hire. - - Check it out. Worth it.
  8. Anyone need an assassin?

    Share what tactics you'd use, what connections and status. - The Network I'm creating can help. Believe you received a message from me.
  9. Freeman Family

    If we find out we have kids, we'll just use them as pawns. If not we'll just shoot them.
  10. The desperadoes recruitment

    I sort of agree with you... this is sort of... badly made... also mixing IRL things into this is just... no thanks
  11. Sticky Situation, eh?

    - - - Think you might find contracts and other things within the Network
  12. The High Society

    - - Please take a short look at the Network, believe you might find some useful things there
  13. The Network

    Also - If you need loan, you can ask for it. - Want to make people know what street is yours? Let them hear it. I'm trying to make this work but I can't if people don't join and stay. I saw some people leave because no one was on. Ofcourse no one will be on if no one stays and if I do not get help from Leaders. If you're a Leader, please come with your men, maybe show some strength.

    Syndicate Leader/s message me
  15. Apaches MC

    NARC I'm opening up a Network for criminals and corrupt politicians, or overall, powerful people. I'd like to invite you to the Network, where you will find more connections, resources and recruit for your own purposes. Discord - You will be put in the role of an Associate or Employer if you'd like. More information regarding the Network - -
  16. looking for a Family/Gang

    Join the Network where you can make all sorts of connections, from the lowest simple thief to the biggest mafia family there is, or that is what I aim to turn it into. Discord -
  17. Hackers

    Mugger? How did you get "Mugger" title/rank?