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Found 1 result

  1. Luprano family recruitment

    Hi I'm Jerry Sirata I am a capo in the Luprano family I lead a crew of people around 13-18 years old we also have another capo named sonny who leads a crew of about 18-25 years old our mob is very large we have many fratelos and we are a member of the neihberhood we also have set goals for our game my crew will focus on making money for a car when we first get in the capos will all pool for a buisness to operate out of and as far as I'm aware the crew which is run by sonny will pool money for pistols. me myself have experience with firing weapons IRL I also know about hit and run tactics and other strategies for this reason I will also be picking people for a hit crew and training them up to take down any anti criminal organisation that maybe related to something similar of the FBI we also have ties in many important companies which have chosen to be anonymous so if you are looking for a welcoming mafia with ties in every branch of oragnization and a well established hierarchy and supply line with a lot of money in it for all involved then join the Luprano family comment down below if interested or message me or frank Luprano or calico Yours truly Capo Jerry Sirata