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Found 2 results

  1. Mercenary

    I think I'm gonna be one of those Hollywood mercenaries.. Y'know... Have principles and morals which as we all know contradicts what it means to be... A mercenary.. So I guess you could refer to me as an eccentric mercenary. Whatever pays.. And my day job will be Local City police, because I like to arrest and harass people that stand up for their rights as well as others.. I also like to pocket and steal stuff then harass any citizen and or shop owners that have something to say.. I also like to steal guns and drugs from the evidence lock up and sell it to the local restaurant owners that us them as fronts for gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking and gun running. I'm gonna role-play real COP by day and real average citizen by night. We'll see what else develops.
  2. The Network

    This will become a network that will be linked to every single assassin, mercenary, hit-man or organization wishing to find jobs more easily. Here there will be no problem contacting, recruiting or dealing! This will be a criminal paradise, made by us, for us. You can help this network grow by simply joining it & show some activity. You will be tagged what you are and what you do. Leader = Me. I will be the host of Network. Manager = Someone that helps me take care of the Network. Associate = Powerful people associating with the Network. Employer = Gives out contracts, hiring or recruiting. Elite = Person highly qualified for multiple tasks, jobs or contracts. Assassin = The best mercenary you will get is an Assassin. They will be most useful for tasks & contracts. Hit-Man = a Hit-Man is a subcategory of the genus Assassin, and the term, while synonymous with 'contract killer', is often used in relation to organised crime, such as a Mafia for example. They are sort of "taken" and can be sent out by the Group, Guild or Faction / Mafia they work for. Mercenary = Mercenaries are the lower tier of Assassins & Hit-Men & Elite in this case, they are well suited for this title. Politician = Politician, might want to get in touch with him to clear something? Lawer = Politician thing, only less powerful but more advanced in some situations. Escort = Bodyguard, Guard or Caretaker I'd like to call them myself, are people you can pay to protect you, a person, cargo or simply put: Anything. Transporter = Need someone to transport your cargo, supplies or anything? Drug-Dealer = Simple! They make, sell or get you connected to drug related business! Dealer = Drug-Dealer, Arms-Dealer... Any type of Dealer! Thief = Not looking for a vicious killer to do the job and can't do it yourself. Hire one of these guys. Recruited = Those who are already recruited and aren't looking to be recruited. If you wish to get in touch with the Network Leader or Manager, contact me trough --- Discord: Skype: NoodleCate The Network will not take fault or blame for unsuccessful contracts, missions, objectives or lost cargo, supplies or damages! Sorry workers, but that means you'll be the one taking the blame. We are not going to take fault for your failure!