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  1. K9 Handler

    Here's a good example of what a dog could look like in UE4, pretty realistic so I wouldn't worry too much about the model being hard to make, as long as they hire talent. Where police dogs stay is different depending on where you go, but usually they'll stay in a police kennel or go home with the handlers.
  2. Police Department

    Wow, surprised to see my name in here! Seems like it could be educational and a good opportunity to really get into the Officer role. Count me in.
  3. 1 Governor per server or.. ?

    Thank you @Hatoful!
  4. Experienced Police Officer

    Real nice of you dude, thanks!
  5. 1 Governor per server or.. ?

    (I had a browse and couldn't see anything related so forgive me if this question has been answered) Honestly assumed since there will be multiple official servers and a ton of unofficial servers that it would be 1 Governor per server.. But I didn't see anyone running who specified official/unofficial server or otherwise so I'm left a little confused.. Is it actually 1 Governor across all servers? Any insight appreciated, thanks.
  6. under cover cop loophole?

    You need to take real world implications into consideration when trying to create roles for yourself in Identity. It is known that people who uphold the law (Police officers, members of court, etc) do not encourage vigilantes - why? "Because almost by definition a vigilante will wind up breaking laws in their attempts to impose their own untrained, unsupervised, disorganised view of what the law is and how it should be enforced. If a cop shows up during or after an encounter between a vigilante and a "criminal", they now have twice as many people to deal with, worry about, and possibly even arrest". (source) Any well trained Police officer in Identity will know better than to assist a vigilante. Obviously there might be one or two undisciplined Officers who think differently.. (Don't you dare bring Batman movies into this) But the vast majority will know better, which throws: Out of the window.
  7. Corruption? at police

    Obviously there is no method of 100% blocking communication between two people on the internet. It's as easy as being in the same Discord and alerting the Criminals to, for just one example, an incoming Police presence. I do however imagine that the punishment for proof of corruption is severe.
  8. Would You Rather

    not be able to eat, hands down!
  9. K9 Handler

    This is a dream feature for sure, something that could be implemented post-global launch of all modules, if the game really kicks off. After all, the level of communication between the player and the server is likely astonishingly high already and adding anything on top of that impacts not only performance but cost of maintaining those servers. Harmonious balance in Identity between the "Cops & Robbers" is likely one of the toughest hurdles for the team, with that in mind it would be hard to justify the fluffy companion to be available to a select few Police officers without giving the Criminals some way to counter it. I could be wrong, but it would make more sense to me to see them simply add to the pre-existing plans to allow players to have pets. At this time they've said that players will eventually be able to keep pets (Dogs & Cats) in their apartments, but will have no place in the outside world. If they reach the point where they can comfortably allow players to have Dogs in the sandbox (does not make much sense to bring your cat, but I guess you could) then they'll likely make it available to all players, regardless of "profession". However, doggos will undoubtedly be made hard to get, seeing them all over the place would be hella weird and we know all too well that the team is pushing for realism. If an officer can be accompanied by a K9 unit that can, by xPanda's example: Attack, defend, track and take damage - then we could assume that a Criminal's doggo could in turn "alert" the Criminal to an incoming Police presence. It wouldn't be crazy effective over long ranges and would likely be considered more of a min-maxing move for high flying officers/criminals. It's feasible to me only because if it's anything like real life, then it wouldn't take more than a few bullets to take out a hostile dog. But now we've got more questions that need answers, like whats going to happen to my dog once it's HP hits 0, is it only "downed"? Will it be destroyed permanently or perhaps re-spawn in my apartment? Can Dogs be stolen? Am I now worrying about a doggo talent tree? It's questions like these that keep me up at night, and why I could only see this being done once our boys are rolling in dollar dollar bills. Additionally, animal violence is tricky within the industry, especially of late as we see (for example) Fallout 4 refusing to allow the players canine companion "Dogmeat" to die. Unlike in Fallout 3 where Dogmeat could be viciously butchered, but this lead to players going as far as to sacrifice large chunks of progress to be reunited with their precious pupper and ultimately putting a downer on the gameplay experience. Touchy stuff like this waves a lot of unnecessary flags in the faces of those who Asylum Entertainment would, as indie Devs trying to make a name for themselves, prefer stay opened minded to the idea of playing Identity. At least, this is my assumption.. it all seems pretty ridiculous in the face of people shooting each other to death but hey that's the internet for you. For now I'm happy just to have a companion in my apartment, but would be super interested to hear more from them about how they would go about introducing our fluffy friends to the outside world.
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Would love to see more frequent screenshot posting, no matter how undeveloped the feature. It's all interesting and re-ignites the hype, thanks! ♥
  11. Developer Q&A sponsored by Powergaming7

    Hype-train on full throttle!
  12. Awesome! Man, I'm so hype for this game.
  13. On the flip side I pity the criminal scum, since there will no doubt be more than a fair few snitches.
  14. Vehicular Variety

    Guess that means there's still plenty of time for us to share and inspire the artists ey? (Ford F-150) What a beauty!
  15. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    Shoutout to all you IRL officers, you absolute babes. Thank you for your service!