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  1. Shut down!

    I would like to apply as CFO
  2. :)

    No i do not, unless there are other executive positions up.
  3. :)

    RP Name:James Forum Name:wizard2894 Age: 14 Why do you want to work for Supreme™?: It is an an exciting prospect and I am looking to get my foot in the door early. What area are you looking to work in? (Corporate, Design, Retail):Corporate What Position are you applying for?:Chief Financial Officer Do you have a working mic?:Yes Tell me a little bit about the history of Supreme™: Posted 13 April (edited) · Report post Hello. My name is Supreme Leader, and I'm opening a street-wear clothing line called Supreme™, which is a chain that originates in NYC back in April 1994. Website: http://supremeclothing.co.nf/_about_.html Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/supremerpg YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/supremerpg Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupremeRPG_ ______________________________________________________________ What is Supreme™? Supreme™ is a skateboarding shop/clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994. Our brand caters to the skateboarding, hip hop and punk rock cultures, and the youth culture at large. We make clothes and accessories, but also manufacture skateboards that are collected like modern art. Our shoes, clothing, and accessories create a big secondary market for supreme clothing, because items are produced to a very limited quantity and also because there are only ten stores worldwide. The brand was founded by James Jebbia. Although he was born in the US, he lived in England until he was nineteen. The first Supreme™ store opened on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in 1994. It was designed with skaters in mind, with a unique design for the store layout: by arranging the clothes around the perimeter of the store, a large central space permitted skaters with backpacks to skate right into the store and still feel comfortable. In 2004, a second location was opened on North Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, California, which is nearly double the size of the original New York City store and features an indoor skate bowl. Other locations include Paris, London, Tokyo (Harajuku, Daikanyama & Shibuya), Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka
  4. Concord Real Estate

    Where do i apply
  5. Well what i think he means is the fact of being to able to pay the wages of 20+ employees and be island wide, which ofcourse because you are the popular on the forums there is a 100% chance that will happen.(sarcasm)
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    I plan on living comfortably.
  7. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    Most of the owners of the biggest company so far are just over 15, and the head of recruitment is only 14. So you're wrong.
  8. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    Most likely? You are being incredibly prejudice now. a. just because people are twelve doesn't mean they are 'squeekers' and will 'rage'.
  9. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    Oh so you are assuming people underage will ruin it? you are saying they can't enjoy it too just becuase you are prejudice?
  10. Horizon Inc

    Please review our forum topic for the available positions, and send em a direct message for more information on a particular role
  11. So whose putting there names down for elections

    I am not voting for you. Rich businessmen will stay rich
  12. So whose putting there names down for elections

    there has to be a wealth gap, I am not being middle class just because its fair
  13. Rogue clothing

    I will be in contact later tonight, after I have talked with the directors.
  14. Rogue clothing

    I have a position as Head of Marketing at Aegis Security Consulting now But maybe your store could help us with our uniform we need to design?
  15. Rogue clothing

    will it provide me a sustainable living?