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  2. To the Devs about next weeks stream

    You know what you signed up for, right? I am not sure anyone in their right mind is expecting a GTA - the description of what type of game this will be was very clear and it was on the back on that description that people signed up.
  3. Another Rant about time square

    lol - actually, I was just playing on the words - I'm patient as hell - I've been waiting for Star Citizen since the mid-80s haha
  4. Another Rant about time square

    I don't want to whine, like the rest of you
  5. A slight concern

    I just wanna play the game. My mate and I have a running joke that every few weeks one of us will message the other with "Identity is reaaaallly close now" I don't really bother with complaints though, I'm a developer myself - but the joke is in relation to the task tracker
  6. Last task

    Fair enough
  7. Last task

    If that were the case, wouldn't the task list change? EDIT - I meant specifically the finding bugs comment ** This doesn't stress me out - I completely forget this game exists and come back every 2 weeks for a status update. Checking every day serves no benefit other than to annoy yourself. I'm a developer (applications, not games) so I am all too familiar with the SDLC and how situations change but, and I'm not saying there is any divine expectancy, but it would alleviate any stresses people may have if there were a little more transparency with the tasks remaining. (If there is that I don't know about, discard that last comment )
  8. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    You're missing the size of the team. CIG have over 400 people working on the project.
  9. Town square video

    I don't think a gameplay video this close to completion would be a useful use of resources personally.
  10. I want to know where you all stand. Again

    100% in. The same as every game I back. You back the idea and the project the idea spawns. If you don't want to back a project, you wait until it is released to buy it.
  11. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    Ha. Nowt like a delayed release to cause WW3 over nothing
  12. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    I'm only contracted to to a certain number of hours a week - it's just throughout my entire dev career, I've always worked seemingly non-stop. I had to consciously prevent myself from working too much as I were receiving no thanks for the additional input. haha.
  13. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    It's ok - it was light-hearted I admire game-devs - I'm not worthy
  14. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    What kind of Devs are these?? I work regular 12 - 15 hour days...sometimes, when project deadlines are approaching, or an issue wont get out of my mind, 18 hour days. The luxury of these guys
  15. Only a few more day

    Judging by the comments on here, I guess there aren't a lot of Star Citizen backers in the community